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  1. hmm may be something like soul resistance ? Why not ? Different worlds different rules. Things can be different in PE and they should be! (:
  2. When i was reading your post i thought i was listening a raging heavy metal music! xD
  3. I hope Obsidian gives humans nice bonuses like +1 spell casting level or +1 attack bonus with +1 all saves. Humans mostly populate and dominate the fantasy worlds but other races always have the cool abilities... What are your thoughts on this subject?
  4. It would be really interesting if that stronghold was given you to prevent any uprisings from The Mega Dungeon
  5. How about more easier solution ? what if i say there is a medallion with 14 empty jewelry slots which you can place and use these things to teleport any unlocked levels of The Mega Dungeon from anywhere. If you dont like it then you can always have your ''dungeon crawl''
  6. Hello there guys! A fellow paypaler is here. I rarely post on ''any'' forums but i'll try to be an active member just for the Obsidian and PE! And i'm planning to share my ideas to contribute this game... ( except when grammar nazis online )
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