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  1. I'd like to see the next Kickstarter based on a mix of Dark Sun and Ravenloft and maybe some other pnp rpgs like KULT and Nobilis. It's nice to see games influenced by older games like Baldurs Gate and Planescape Torment but it would great if they allowed themselves a bit more creative freedom and went in a completely new direction, after all that's what Kickstarter is about, allowing creators to do things they wouldn't normally be able to do.
  2. Considering the subject matter, what did you honestly expect? Maturity, restraint. I thought RPG gamers were supposed to be smarter than the casuals. Instead I see people complaining about that one character they didn't like from some game or worrying that Obsidian will suddenly decide that making crappy characters would be the best course of action.
  3. I don't want any characters in the game that I don't like, and if I don't get my way I'll throw a tantrum. /sarcasm It's amazing how many people in this thread expect Obsidian to cater to them personally.
  4. Oh wow, do you have any pictures framed on your wall? I do. One BeksiƄski and one Giger. I bet your jealous.
  5. I don't know what the specs were but the first computer I ever used was a Packard Bell with the monitor sitting on top of the tower. I remember playing that old skiing game with that yeti like monster. I died so many times.
  6. Then why not autocompleting quest all together? Exactly, streamline it enough and suddenly you have something like Dragon Age 2 and at that point what's to stop you from cutting it altogether as I said at the start of this thread.
  7. Nowadays I do need the excuse. If I'm playing a thief, I'm probably going to sneak about and loot every building, but if not, I'm not going to peek in every building to see what's there, unless I have a reason to. And if there's a forest on my map, I'm not going there unless there's something specific I'd like to do there. Maybe if I'm a ranger or a druid I'd go wandering for no reason but "it's there". Replaying BG2 right now and there's tons of buildings I haven't been to and several map locations I've yet to visit. Maybe I should/could, but can't see the reason when there's a bunch of unfinished quests around anyway. That's what quests are for, you don't need a fetch quest for that.
  8. The problem is you don't need an excuse to do that, RPGs are all about adventuring so it's not as if without fetch quests there would be no other way to get loot or see caves or talk to NPCs, what I'm saying is that anything a fetch quest does can be done better by another kind of quest.
  9. Well now. I could agree as far as to avoid poorly implemented stuff altogether. As long as it stays within games internal logic and the plot, pretty much anything can be made to work. No busywork just to pass the time, no "I happen to know the missing key is at the bottom of this dungeon, because it makes sense" There was this NWN module The Tangled Web, with a real kick as cool "could you go clear my basement of whatever critters, rats or stuff, is down there". Wouldn't have thought that particular quest would have had any legs left, but there you go. Highly recommendable the module. "You could easily get that equipment any other way, such as adventuring." I've never played that module but I'm sure that there could have been a better way to do that quest other than making it a fetch quest. If you look at Dragon Age 2 fetch quests were improved to the point where you just spoke to some who said some words then you went out clicked on something eventually got back to the guy, clicked on the guy and recieved some gold (As far as I can remember), how could that fetch quest be improved? Cut it out altogether and replace it with an extra enemy with some extra gold pieces on him. Less effort on everybodies part (Player and developer) in exchange for more entertainment.
  10. It was well explained but that doesn't make it any less boring. Well if you think about it. With the contracts there weren't actually many times where you actually had to go out of your way to get the items. They were within the paths of doing other quests. The only one I remember that was specifically out of the way was when the Nymph asked you to get a wolf pelt for her to prove your manliness. The other ones was stuff I got along the way doing other stuff. There were a few like 'A Most Uncommon Wine' and ones like that which were fetch quests though. I don't mind that they're there as long as there isn't too many of them. They've already expressed pretty much exactly that. They're fine as long as there's a balance. But you didn't enjoy, I keep saying it in this thread and I keep saying it because it's true and many of you keep ignoring it, fetch quests are boring, you "don't mind them" but you don't enjoy them, the fact that you don't hate them is not an arguement to keep them in just like a bug not ruining the game is not a excuse to keep it in the game. The difference is that fetch quests actually require coding
  11. But you don't enjoy them which is the point. You could easily get that equipment any other way, such as adventuring. Ask yourself "Would I rather wander around looking for x item or would I rather kill something?", nobody likes fetch quests but some people do them because they feel they have to.
  12. That's worse than Fetch quests. Fetch quests can't be ignored all together though as Ieo said. There are good fetch quests, that are not just "go take x item and bring them to y". There can be many twists in between, or at the end, or you can be the one making the twist. They can be a test from someone, or unlike ME3's sidequests give something really good character and world insight instead of adding numbers that nobody knows what they mean. I don't care if you don't like it. This thread is not about ME3, it's about fetch quests. Yes some quests that ressemble fetch quests can be fun. Occasionally a fetch quest might be useful for illustrating a point or making a joke. But a fetch quest on it's own is never fun which is what I was getting at.
  13. It was well explained but that doesn't make it any less boring.
  14. If you're doing something other than fetching then I wouldn't call it a fetch quest.
  15. Why would you subject yourself to that? I'm playing through the game one last time before I finish off some of the the Icewind Dale games and Baldur's Gate games. I guess I'm just not as spiteful as some people.
  16. Just playing through Mass Effect 3 again and the worst part about the game was the poorly implemented fetch quests, fetch quests are boring but they shouldn't be annoying on top of that. I think PE should just avoid them altogether.
  17. What if they meant the musical called Cats would be in the game?
  18. It could be the Kerfluffles reference, just have the default name be Kerfluffles or have one of the companions nickname it Kerfluffles.
  19. At first I picked $50 tier but I moved up to the $165 tier when it came out so I could get Wasteland 2 and the Expansion. I also added $15 for the mouse pad, until I found out that digital tiers can't get the physical add ons.
  20. So far the games I've played are Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment, Neverwinter Nights 2, Nights of the Old Republic 2 and Arcanum. But that's not why I pledged, I pledged because it's an RPG, because I think it will turn out well, I don't think it makes sense to contribute just because you enjoyed one of the games.
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