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  1. Neat. Hopefully at least the map rendering bug can be fixed soon as well. The missing multisample anti-aliasing is something I see in a couple of other Unity engine games as well, so the cause could very well not be game-specific. From the API perspective the game asks for available framebuffer formats - some of which support msaa - and then selects one without msaa support. The game/egine needs to either request msaa support when asking for the framebuffer formats (as part of the arguments to glXChooseFBConfig) or take msaa support into account when selecting the framebuffer format (as qu
  2. Yes, Durance's visions (like any post-rest conversation with the companions) can only trigger every few rests using camping supplies. Inns don't count and the the exact number of rests required for the next rest conversation is randomized each time. For durance, you also need to progress in the main quest. AFAICT, the first vision unlocks after you get to Act 2 and the second vision in Act 3.
  3. From what I gather you're supposed to get a second vision of him. I'm also stuck at the same part (or at least haven't gotten the second vision yet at level 10). I've been poking at my saves and the conversation files and it looks like the second vision isn't queued for me yet (nDuranceDream2Queued is 0) - would be cool to know what exactly is required for it to trigger. Do you need to be in Act III? I noticed there a a couple of options in durances conversation that don't get marked as read, but I haven't found anything new below them. Or does his "stop asking questions until resting" res
  4. Added an entry for this on the unofficial bug tracker: https://github.com/PoE-unofficial/Pillars-of-Eternity-bugtracker/issues/3
  5. I've created a bug report for the VRAM issue in the unoffical bug tracker: https://github.com/PoE-unofficial/Pillars-of-Eternity-bugtracker/issues/2
  6. Definitely needed - a forum is a terrible way to track bugs, especially for a game as large as this. Valve has also been using GitHub as a bug tracker for all their Linux ports: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/
  7. Anti-Aliasing on characters does not seem to work for me - see the attached screenshot (cropped for file size - didn't want to use lossless compression), especially the sword on the right and the guy on the bottom left. It gets much more annoying in-game when things move around. I've tried manually setting msaa 8 in the game's console (and also with all the other powers of two from 1-16), but there is no effect. PoE version v1.0.2.0508 (but I also saw this in the backer beta) OS: Linux (Gentoo) Graphics hardware: AMD Radeon HD 7950 Graphics driver: radeonsi (recently built from g
  8. The low-res textures you see are there because the game fails to detect the VRAM size and than just goes with a low default (512). The Unity version they are using does not support the required OpenGL/GLX extension to query this information (GLX_MESA_query_renderer) but only the NVIDIA and AMD equivalents. Support for GLX_MESA_query_renderer has been added very recently to Unity (afaik it's in 5.0 and maybe also backported to some older branches). I've created a hack for myself to provide the GL_ATI_meminfo extension to the game. Use at your own risk: sh ./glamdmeminfo.c ./PillarsOfEtern
  9. That's disappointing, but thanks for the update.
  10. No, your're right, this is what the $500 tier looked like before the update. Same for the $250 tier. Looking at the actual text descriptions that x2 might have been there by mistake though. Shame, as that would have been the tipping point for me to upgrade my pledge to $250+$30. It gets even more confusing as the physical reward tiers start with "previous reward tier +" even though for many of them the next-lower reward tier is now a digital one that includes two digital copies. On that note, what will I lose if I give away the single digital copy from a physical reward tier be
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