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  1. I can confirm the water is fixed in 3.02 beta - thanks @BMac! I'm not seeing the map screen bug anymore, either - though since it hasn't been officially announced as a fix by the devs I'd cautiously say it needs testing on more systems/drivers before we can check it off the list. Anti-aliasing is still broken - so for that we'll have to continue to use this hack for now.
  2. Unfortunately this hack is still needed even with the new game patch 3.0. Weren't Obsidian planning to fix these bugs properly?
  3. You can save her life if you use careful sneaking to approach the assassins from the right direction, and use disables like Prone to prevent them from getting to Serel...
  4. Also, contrary to what I wrote in the opening post, the hack may actually work for Catalyst as well - provided that you install the correct OpenGL development headers. Untested though.
  5. A note for testers: "Black noise on water surfaces" affects... newer AMD graphics cards (those released since 2011 or so) the Mesa drivers and the proprietary Catalyst driver "Anti-aliasing not working" affects... not sure which cards, exactly - at least newer AMD cards though the Mesa drivers (untested on Catalyst) "Flickering black splotches on the map screen" affects... all AMD cards, apparently Mesa 11 drivers (not older Mesa versions, and not Catalyst)
  6. Apparently it only happens with Mesa 11 and not with earlier driver versions. (And only with AMD cards.) Until now the only people who had Mesa 11 installed were users of small bleeding-edge Linux distros, which is why not many people complained about it. But a new big Ubuntu release just came out this month, and it includes Mesa 11, so expect this to become more of a mass problem if Obsidian devs don't hurry to fix it on the PoE side! While a Mesa bug-report has been opened, the take-away from it is that this is not actually a Mesa bug. Just a performance optimization that was added
  7. "with the backers"? Are there still outstanding backer rewards from the PE Kickstarter, or does this refer to something else? Love it. I turned off helmet visibility for most of my characters with the cheat console, but for this I think I'll have to turn it on again...
  8. This hack fixes it for the open-source drivers on Linux.
  9. I had a similar problem once; wish I'd known about the console commands then. The page says there's also a StartQuest command, maybe it lets you start Never Far from the Queen manually?
  10. The Linux version of Pillars of Eternity has had some annoying rendering issues ever since it was first released, and although people have submitted bug reports for them, Obsidian hasn't done anything about them and they're still present in the latest patch. Luckily, a programming-savvy fan who goes by the name of dscharrer has now created an unofficial hack which fixes several of those issues! Since the hack hasn't been publicized in many places yet, I'm creating this thread to help other Linux gamers (and Obsidian) become aware of it. Instructions for installing the hack are at the e
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