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  1. TGS 2019 gamereactor TGS Gameplay https://www.gamereactor.eu/video/466293/The+Outer+Worlds+TGS+Gameplay/ 【TGS2019】『アウター・ワールド(The Outer Worlds)』先行プレイ映像をお届け!
  2. https://news.game.co.uk/the-outer-world-interview/ GAME: Have you put something in the game knowing that it will almost likely be never seen by someone? Dan McPhee: I love that stuff. I love the little details like that. Yeah, [in The Outer Worlds], there’s one town where there’s a little group of people just drinking around a little fire. And I put in some interactions where if you steal their drinks, they’ll yell at you about it. No one’s ever going to do that. But the few people who do I think will find it really funny. I like that stuff. So I kind of try and pepper it in w
  3. https://theouterworlds.fandom.com/wiki/Attributes
  4. The Outer Worlds' Story Is Defined By Choice; You Can Even Be The Game's Villain [Characters] will comment if you run around naked Arcanum 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52_ZyndqeLI
  5. https://www.resetera.com/threads/outer-worlds-is-made-by-arround-80-people-full-size-of-obsidian-is-arround-200-people.124132/ Outer Worlds is made by arround 80 people. Full size of Obsidian is arround 200 people historical cRPG ? remember Lionheart
  6. full sail ahead >hold>full sail ahead>hold> ..................30m 1. Ramming Speed
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dS_0_yMF60 0:50 Marksman+Zealous Focus+Gunner+Flames of Devotion 142 damage
  8. http://youtu.be/mSefQnHi-S8 South Park: The Stick of Truth First Gameplay
  9. Icewind Dale is part of Forgotten Realms IP which is under D&D IP, which owner is Wizards of the Coast, who is owned by Hasbro. I was talking about the IWD brand which i think belongs to Obsidian. However, yes if they want to use it they must license D&D by hasbro Only ones that I could find belogn WotC http://www.trademarkia.com/icewind-dale-85043957.html and Atari, which is abadoned http://www.trademarkia.com/icewind-dale-77380064.html Ok, maybe i was wrong. I swear that i read somewhere that Feargus had the rights http://www.gamebanshee.com/interviews/109792-project-etern
  10. http://www.zavvi.com/games/platforms/xbox-360/south-park-the-stick-of-truth/10578476.html 26th April 2013? UBI LOGO
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