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  1. @Apatia: Stealing my time is quite simple, as stated I literally scheduled a surgery so I had something to do during downtime (I am a person that hates being stuck in bed, the house, anything like that). Fact is my money is being held up with this and my cancer related surgery is Wednesday. There isn't another game I want and I can't be rescheduling for April to June who really knows when. Now I have 30 days of recovery and no plan for it. It makes time stealing that simple. They promised me something, they took money for a product, now it isn't being released. I have heard of games like LoL h
  2. So I don't know about everyone else, but I was extremely let down this week when the game really didn't drop. I thought it was insane to be accusing Trey, Matt, and the people at Ubisoft of potentially ripping people off for a rather expensive game. I found out I was dreadfully wrong. I went over to my local game store and checked on my order March 4th. It had been moved from March 5th to December 2013. This led me to some questions. The obvious is the game ever coming out, but really who knows. Although in the world of software this is pretty normal, it really isn't in the world of pre-o
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