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  1. I'm definitely using this forums alias and I plan on something funny ... like you see on the Halloween tombstones
  2. PS:T Alignment modification for your choices and the fact that you could get yourself into a pickle by making the whole city dislike you was pretty dang cool. I also liked the choice in ME1 on Virmire .... although it was much of a choice for me; I hate Kaiden! was pretty new in a game I can't remember very many games where you had a no win situation where a companion died, left yes, but not died. I want to be Indiana in an Indiana Jones movie, let me figure out who I'm up against and what prize we are both going after. And don't make me kill everything I see to get there .....
  3. PS:T was to me the first game to really incorporate moral choices and to have consequences on those choices. Art work in IWD/IWD2 was awesome but I'm not a big battle man, I could just as easily bypass battles and get back to the story ... I really really want to play a story.
  4. I start at 140 upped to 250 and then said oh hell and jump to 1000 then I learned about gamebanshee and rpgcodeplex and had to chip in there .... oh and OOoE ... And then I just had to have the cards... Game budget shot till 2015
  5. Hello everyone ... Can't wait for these guys to get started. My favorite game of all time was PS:T and I hope the game is even better.
  6. Posted on Kickstarter but forgot to post here ... please may I be know as DeDawg - Obsidan Order Crate Slayer Crates and Barrels quake at my passing.... and occassionally one goes BOOM. DeDawg65
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