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  1. Big high-five, PS: this is the portrait I'm using for the game. ELDOTH FOREVER.
  2. I've got a board report that needs to happen today, haven't even started:)
  3. What is this SORCERY? No, this is bribery. Bought her a Spa weekend with her mum:)
  4. So, I get to play tonight as I've pre-loaded Pillars. Unfortunately I've been so excited this whole week even most of last week that I can't help but trawl through the forums and read up as much as I can on Pillars. Much to the detriment of work. My productivity dropped drastically last week and now it is firmly sat at zero, I even booked tomorrow off so that I can really have some real playtime over a long weekend. I'm lucky I've got a cool wife who'll give me some room on this as I've been on about Pillars for 21/2 years now. She'll even relieve me of baby duty over the weekend:) Awesome
  5. Honestly find combat a chore at the moment, I'm up there with the casual ranks.
  6. Okay, I thought about this and many people have loads and loads of positive and negative comments to make based on their experience with the Beta. I've put it into perspective that in most areas of the game there is a healthy debate where people are disagreeing with each other. The developers won't be able to implement sweeping changes before release but they will be able to implement a healthy amount change and I'm sure they are paying some notice to the discussions. It'd be nice if there was a topic where people could share the "ONE" area of the game that if enhanced would make the g
  7. For me the key focus is aesthetics right now.- A lot more portraits and 2D art assets . This includes character screen models and item descriptions. Arts assets all the way; guaranteed this will make people happier. This is what I'd focus on if I could choose one thing.
  8. I personally would extend the 2D assets requirement beyond just item sketches. IMO the overall density of 2 D art assets is lighter than I'd lie, by a long shot. Ie: character faces, npc faces, character screens, etc... Fortunately it's not beta, so loads of time available to sort it out...
  9. Music is okay I guess, can't remember it though... Just a bit generic and bland, needs some oomph.
  10. I've been getting a little more into the game, I can see this being a monster of a game with a few more tweaks and enhancements. Definitely getting a bit more excited.
  11. I'm going with the camp vying for scrapping the 3D models. They look very cheap and "B" Grade. It gives you a negative impression from the get go. Infinity engine games left a lot to the imagination. I 'd prefer to see just the character portrait or a 2D model rather than this. Frankly I'd rather have nothing than this.
  12. I hope so, indeed. Though, I'm also concerned about clothing/armor which seem either too barbaric or too Renaissance. This is just wrong. This has nothing to do with Baldur's Gate. Second! Candlelit taverns with hooded bounty hunters lurking around. We're definitely on the same page. Let's see what the Beta update has in store for us when it comes. For the USD250 that I backed I'm certainly hoping for some substantial improvements.
  13. This is a forum for people to express there opinions in a polite manner. There are a lot of very rude and distasteful postings on this thread for both sides of the argument, this is unfortunately not the appropriate behaviour. Regardless of the direction that Obsidian take the onus is on us to express our views and concerns in a more mature and responsible manner. Please be civil to each other.
  14. Not the same as BG2 just a bit more similar, is that such a heinous request?
  15. I'm sure it's something they'll fix up in the near future. I'm more interested in the game having more atmosphere. Hopefully it's because they took out everything that would spoil the game and just put in the generic stuff.
  16. Yep, that is precisely what story boarding is. And it should be an overridable feature for sure.
  17. I've been going through the character creation a bit, and as I've not encounter this system before; hence not knowing what stats to choose; I thought it would be great if there was a Q&A storyboard to suggest a starting character. It could have a few benefits as follows: 1: Cheap and quick to implement as it constitutes a set of elaborate multiple choice questions 2: It can be quite engaging, and a brief intro into the lore of the game world as we'll ax adding some nice flavour 3: Engages you to think about the type of character you want to be and make you award of gage various optio
  18. Maybe a good idea is to "kind of" go down the Elder Scrolls route... ie: ask a series of interesting storyboard questions about the character and automatically populate a character that way based on your selections; would certainly take the headache out of selection starting attributes. Just throwing it out there. To be honest I could roll with that!
  19. I agree with this. In my opinion it adds more diversity between various races and cultures. It adds more flavour, differences don't just have to be stat related as well. Differences can affect interactions in the world, various resistances/weakness. Go wild.
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