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  1. Piers Morgan's poise is impressive. As for Alex Jones, he does a very good job to look like an idiot by puking his argument down into Pierce's throat while not wanting to listen to his host at all.
  2. Hey Hurlshot! I've read the whole topic and it seems that your wife doesn't seems to fit your extended family "mold" and that they are unwilling to compromise or accept her as the way she is. The later anecdoct about the dinner where your dad and wife went over the winery clearly shows that. No matter how hard she'll try, your wife will never be up to par with your extended family "standards". So stick by your wife and the family that you've built with her.
  3. The comments section of this project are an absolute riot.
  4. It's sunny, 23 here. It's a perfect day tp enjoy cross-country skiing after the snowstorm.
  5. I've done some shovel action thanks to the 9" - 10" of snow we got today.
  6. Merry Christmas everyone! Have fun and remember to not drink and drive.
  7. Another issue is that, in the US, gun ownership is embedded in the constitution. Of course, when the constitution was written, there weren't any machine guns, assault and automatic weapons like we are dealing with today. What Mkreku wrote makes lots of sense and I do believe that the US should look at their gun situation with an hard eye once the dust is settled upon this horrific tragedy.
  8. What happened today in Connecticut breaks my heart, saddens me. No words can adequately express how I feel each time I've heard news of such terrible events. No gun control laws will prevent this from happening, however, something in the US must change regarding their relationship with guns. Only them have the answer however.
  9. I'll prolly keep Win7 as my Bootcamp OS. As for my job (I'm a CAD drafter) my company spent already a lot of money to switch from XP to Win7 that it'll stretch it for as long as possible, as they did for XP.
  10. This a a coop arpg that does have potential and is aiming to be on multiple platform as they are using the Unity engine.
  11. I do own a 3rd gen Ipad and my bf owns his Aesus tablet and we're both happy with our respective purchases. I love how streamlined, easy to use and polyvalent my Ipad is while he is happy with the free app program so he can creates his own applications for his intership projects.
  12. As soon as I'll be done repairing my computer, I want to play my Tex Murphy games.
  13. Roxane


    Ahh... I've got so many feel good songs in my mind but any song from Jean Leloup, one of Qu├ębec's craziest artist manage to cheer me up by the sheer insanity of his compositions. Note this is in French so be warned. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1MWgPNtYU1Y
  14. I'm going at the gym 3 times a week, either group classes or solo weight lifting and cardio machines. Then, it's either walking or, durin winter, cross-country skiing. Last winter was abysmal for it so I'm hoping that we'll have enough snow for that this upcoming winter.
  15. Only one ? That's kinda cruel.... Hum I have soft spots for VtM:Bloodlines, Final Fantasy VI, Icewind Dale and the Neverwinter Nights series..... I'll go for VtM:Bloodlines only because it is kept alive by a fan base community who keep either fixing it's bugs and restoring it into what it meant to be or by modding t over and over again.
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