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  1. I confess myself completely lost regarding combat. I have only the dimmest idea of what status effects do, mere beetles are kicking my tail, and sometimes characters don't seem to even attack what I click on. And well, I could use some help. Even if it's just Arcanum's "Hey, a big strong half-ogre makes things easy" tip. I wouldn't say no to a proper tutorial like BG/BG2. Or even an easier difficulty mode. I don't want the game dumbed down. But as someone who has played the IE games but not P&P, I'm feeling overwhelmed.
  2. We can't up our pledge if we already did so on Kickstarter, can we?
  3. Alas, I have all the physical stuff I want. It was the design aspect that tempted me.
  4. I almost did, but I couldn't get clarification on how much we could do. I was afraid we'dd just get to pick stats and class.
  5. I prefer easy exits. Not so much to make the game easier as to avoid spending ten minutes walking through empty corridors. 3-4 levels at a time is pretty much my limit before boredom kicks in. Having to do a dungeon of this size in one go would drive me crazy.
  6. This is driving me nuts. What does the green icon next to some of the tiers mean?
  7. Exactly how much control do we get over designing an NPC at the 1k tier? Say I wanted to create (for instance) a person who's inborn talent was destructive magic, but they wanted to be a chanter instead. Could I do that? Or should I expect something more like "I want a level 12 elven paladin named T'Kal?"
  8. Never played the Sims in my life. I've completed the BG saga, PS:T, both KOTORs, NWN and expansions as well as more modern RPGs like DA and AP. I wouldn't be here if I hadn't had tremendous fun with the old IE games. I was attempting to ascertain that they'd be of comparable difficulty and not Dark Souls: the RPG. Comments and requests on this forum had me worried. Sawyer's comment did a great deal to assuage those worries.
  9. I almost hesitate to make a topic about this since it's an Obsidian hallmark, but my race and stats should matter. If my INT is low, my character should be dim and easily manipulated, not just have bad grammar. If I'm of a race habitually discriminated against, let me experience it. Conversely, my supersmart mage should now how to solve the riddle and so on.
  10. And I can't imagine a slider controlling the amount of damage enemies do is terribly resource intensive.
  11. As for why I play instead of reading books or watching movies, do you know of any books/movies that will let you be the brave knight instead of just reading about it. I mentioned a few pages back that I just bought Arcanum. It's been a blast watching my big, dumb half-ogre get ripped off and slowly turn bitter and evil from all the people trying to use him. A book just can't offer that kind of reactivity. I've become increasingly frustrated with modern games because they treat me like a child whose attention can't be held without scantily dressed women and explosions. I love having my stats affect how the game plays out. And I really don't see how my mediocre performance at one aspect of gameplay should invite scorn and ridicule.
  12. I wouldn't be interested in something like ME3's story mode because that took away gameplay options (no picking class and autolevel). I even enjoyed the "oh crap" feeling of the Dracolich fight in HOTU. But things like the endless sneak attacks when clearing the manor in NWN2 and resting after every encounter with mooks wasn't fun.
  13. I'd suggest something like the KOTOR/NWN2 system, perhaps also incorporating the DAO's injury mechanic. BG2's worked because the number of potential companions was quite sizeable. As I understand it, even if all stretch goals are met, there will be less than ten potential companions for a party of six.
  14. They're fine in moderation. But if I'm stopped several times trying to get from A to B and one of those encounters includes a pack of enemies way above my level, something has gone wrong.
  15. Not that early. I've seen multiple requests for the game to be extremely difficult, and I just picked up Arcanum and think it may have added a few grey hairs. I loved BG and recently completed PS: T, which I found a sublime experience. So I'm trying to get a sense of whether this game is for me and whether I should up my pledge.
  16. Your friend sounds like me SirPetrakus, though I haven't played the Witcher games. I'm not asking for combat to be entirely skippable. Just something close to BG or PST than say Arcanum.
  17. I'd enjoy BG style romances. Talking, talking, and more talking, with nothing shown by necessity. I don't think this will be a problem, considering those involved, but I don't want a character designed primarily as LI. Make them interesting first, then worry about the romance. If there's no romance, I can create it via fanfic. But dull fanservice is intolerable.
  18. I'm, well, I don't want to say a casual gamer, but I play for the story and companion interaction. I'm not very good at tactical combat, but I can get through BG and PS:T on Easy with a bit of patience. I play because I can't get hours of interactive narrative from a book or movie and I miss the depth and maturity of some of those older titles. I like being able to shape my character. But some of the comments here give me a vibe of "hardcore gamers only." If I set the game to Easy, am I going to be more or less okay?
  19. So does this mean that those of us who just barely struggled through the IE games will be okay if we set it on Easy? The cries of "no tutorial" and super hardcore death mode" had me alarmed.
  20. I'd like to see a skippable tutorial integrated into the narrative, similar to KOTOR2 and NWN2. But I'd appreciate some kind of tutorial. Reading the manual is not how I learn best, and the mechanics aren't going to be exactly like IE.
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