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  1. The game is clearly not optimized at this point, I've tried it on two different computers, one laptop with a 750m geforce card and on a top of the line desktop. The laptop could run the game fine, but everything was slower, there where noticeable delays in between clicking on buttons and getting the disered effect, nothing game breaking, but annoying enough. On my desktop, everything was peachy.
  2. I say we lose the atrribute system and use traits to define the initial physical and mental characteristics of our characters, it would make for more straihtforwardness. The traits can be used as checks in dialogue, give bonuses or maluses in combat and can describe general things like being strong or stupid as well as small details like being left handed or missing a finger.
  3. I like your suggestion for the dwarves/aumaua and for the cultures, but isnt might supposed to be sort of like aggresiveness in combat, since it affects magical and physical damage?
  4. I find that Torment did that wonderfully, the whole spiritual evolution of Dak'kon through conversation with the player being mirrored by his equipment getting better as his will could more efficiently shape the primal energies that made them up was very immersive, interesting and efficient.
  5. The best would be a mix, everybody fighting for something, in some cases universal, in other ones personal, but always for personal reasons.
  6. Why should a person who have dedicated his life to guard a pilgrim road (just an example, i thing a sertain order in the lore was dedicated in something along those lines), have a spesific power to smite undead? By what logic? Also we don't know if PE will have undead, or even if it has them they would be your typical undead. The souls concept can allow them to make an original spin on undead. From what I have gleaned, smiting undead is still a possibility. Every class expresses its soul differently. Paladin's radiate their life energy/soul, which has a perk of empowering nearby li
  7. I can't wait to hear more about the ciphers, the sneak peek at the end of the paladin lore was fascinating! But have they explained why there are two extremely different cultures of Orlans? Does one just shave more or are those biological differences?
  8. I, Patrick, knight of the sliding sticks, give my allegiance to the Obsidian Order of Eternity!
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