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  1. Just passing by with a little more attentive eye, and something kind of struck me. I'm wondering what's the story behind the Vallian Republics? Because, as far as I know, you don't get to see this kind of costumes in the type of climates that makes black men (or are they more of the M├ętis/Latin kind than the picture suggests perhaps?), so has there been an exodus or something for them? If I'm not mistaken, the game's map locations are essentially continental, so I guess they're indeed not living in their source region...
  2. Hi there! I'd like to let you know about this beautiful PnP RPG that is near finished on Kickstarter right now, as this is arguably one of the best things I've seen so far. Already published in France a few years ago, they now took the time to translate it into English with additional content and added many bonuses for the Kickstarter campaign. Just take a look at it, there's barely more than two days left and still some amazing stretch goals to reach, so if you're interested, it is time!
  3. Hi there! I know this isn't necessarily the right place for it, but time is counting down and this forum is the most active here... Also, you will hopefully forgive me when you'll realize how sweet this is. So there's this beautiful PnP RPG near finished on Kickstarter right now, and this is just one of the best things I've seen so far. Already published in France a few years ago, they now took the time to translate it into English with additional content and added many bonuses for the Kickstarter campaign. Just take a look, there's barely more than two days left and still some amazing stretch goals to reach, so if you're interested, it is time!
  4. Also, adding some stuff in the rewards could possibly make for good stretch goal incentives.
  5. I would love an orchestral soundtrack. I think it would be a great incentive of a stretch goal (for like 3M$, don't be so tight in aiming! ) as music indeed can add so much depth, so a more sensitive interpretation with better sound(s) will make a difference. And since you're saying "besides mod tools", I'll say mod tools... after the release at least, we simply need a promise (and you'd better focus on the essentials of the game during the development). Otherwise, we basically need more of everything good (larger and richer world, with more story, characters and content or possibilities, more and better art...), and simply throw more eye candy now too, if possible.
  6. With Unity's Mecanim, we could except some pretty neat things in terms of animation.
  7. I've got a hard time calling showy gimmicks "progressive" or "revolutionary" (I'll stop at "improvement" in the best case), but as long as it doesn't represent any hindrance to the gameplay and keep it sufficiently sober and well done, if they have some extra cash to throw at it, why not.
  8. Since I can't edit my original post, here's the direct link to Project Eternity's page...
  9. I guess the game will be technologically superior to any of those other examples anyway, so I will simply acquiesce PsychoBlonde's opinion in that I am mainly concerned by the quality of the art direction.
  10. This is a normal pace, and an excellent one actually. I think they'll end up around 3,2 - 3,5M$ eventually, but they do need to offer some quite exciting news in the last weeks to help revive the campaign and boost the last days boom.
  11. Hi guys. I've just found a quite new website that seems pretty nice to keep up with coming projects of different nature. I feel like it is part of the efficient tools we could use for the viral campaign we have to carry on for the sake of this game and other Kickstarter goodies, so I'm helping rising awareness of it. Project Eternity and Wasteland 2 are already represented, as well as Double Fine Adventure and Nexus 2 for example , so don't hesitate to push them a bit if you like.
  12. I certainly am in the ranks of those who think that this is rather a poor artifice to give an incentive to people who can't use their own will and imagination to explore the possibilites of a game, in theory, while being mostly stupid and pointless in fact, and that developers shouldn't spend any effort or money on it unless they have nothing interesting to do with the extra budget. But since the game will be on Steam, and this stuff has been confirmed to be in, I would of course recommend to make them inventive and encouraging us to do unusual things, and thus really make us uncover new things; something interesting and worthy in sum. In this case, I could have a casual interest in those. But I don't want to play on Steam nevertheless, so if there is a possiblity to implement them as an option in any copy of the game, that would be nice.
  13. Not my problem if you can't properly defend/explain your idea, or possibly admit that you were wrong.
  14. Sorry that not everybody agrees with you, but please, whine and blame us, we're here to listen... Needless to say that taking a simple opinion for a manifestation of holy entitlement is only indicative of your own state of mind, not my personal claims. Oh, I see you are clairvoyant also. I don't especially meant any of that, actually. Before calling others whatever you like, try not to make those mistakes yourself. I have never said something about the fact that it would be "impossible because it is isometric", so the rest of your reasoning is irrelevant. I admit not having the time to read the whole topic, but I read your first post at least, and what it says along with the title is that you would see your character operate a special move to kill the enemy when having a critical hit or something. Even if it is real-time, with no QTE, camera move nor any other special effect, it is to me rather disruptive to the gameplay if it means triggering a predefined motion you must wait for it to finish. Even two seconds, in the midst of the action, is not pleasant to me, because I don't want the game to take control over me at any point in action. And as I said, often it just adds nothing in style, but rather looks silly in my opinion. The death animations in Fallout and other games are nice, and something similar would probably fit here if it is just that, animations (I didn't mean how it was happening in Fallout, since it is turn-based, my focus was strictly on animations), not a "move". Now if I have slightly misunderstood your point, you'll have to explain it better, and if you have already done that along those pages, please show me. But you can't blame me for assuming that you're still consistent with your first post (as you could always edit it to clarify if it was necessary, and if you're not too lazy to do so ).
  15. What a horrible, irrelevant idea. Particular death animations are good for spice and variety (I count Fallout ones as such), but how in the world would you see some finishing moves in an isometric tactical RPG? This is a typical kind of show-off feature in games that like to be effusive, which is nothing like what Project Eternity is supposed to be, and as far as I am concerned I have always felt that it's rather vulgar and disruptive to the gameplay. So absolute no for me.
  16. All my votes are minority. Though, my vote for a "Neverwinter Night-like" UI wasn't meant towards its transparent nature. I also prefer a "fleshy" feel with ornamentation and I hate the "office suite" tendency but I'd rather have seperated customizable modules, and honestly, the Baldur's Gate UI now is a bit outdated to me (which doesn't mean I don't like it). I don't feel like a mini-map would be necessary in that game otherwise, but there is just a spectrum in which I feel comfortable with enough but not too much and most importantly subtle indications, so as long as it is well managed, I'll let the vision guide the decision.
  17. Many thanks for the translation! Now confirm (true) DRM-free on our physical copies of the game and open Paypal to let more money flow in your wallet!
  18. In any case, Obsidian doesn't really have to spend much money on the translation, if the community's behind. They would just need to choose adequate people within the crowd and supervise the task to meet the quality standards and desired integrity regarding the vision. And I don't think anyone's expecting them to hire any foreign voice-acting team, so the costs for localization really doesn't appear to be much of a problem. Wasteland 2 supported many langages from the start, and there's also a topic where people are signing in as volunteers for the translations, so there is apparently no reason that this couldn't happen here too. If some people truly vote against localization because they fear the game will miss that additionnal lame dog and a jar, or because they're upset about the usual quality of translations, I see no reason to give their opinion a credit, as in the first case it is obvious egocentrism and for the other, you can always install the game in the original version, as you wish...
  19. Your argument is totally fallacious. There is not only one criterion, but a whole set which includes, for many (clearly more than you're willing to look at), being able to decently understand the game, meaning in their native langage (except for the voice-acting, really no need) and preferably in the same conditions as the original version (which implies an official guidance to be sure it is consistent with the vision). Even in the present conditions, I don't think it is too much asked, and we're certainly here to benefit of a little commitment from the developers. So, apart from the fact that you arbitrary grant GOG the dominance on the market when Steam is still obviously more popular and represents every kind of people around the globe with no discrimination, you're simply trying to make up some points to support your position based on nothing but disregarding assumptions. And one of them is that people having an English basis have to not be willing to play a deep and well/heavy-worded RPG in their native langage. There is a true need for translations, not for you, good for you, but don't overlook the others please, which are part of the backers too nevertheless. What kind of truth? Do you seriously expect an English board to show some massive support for localization? And even with that, the poll is still favorable to it. Your comment is just a pointless expression of egocentrism. I simply agree with Semper overall.
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