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  1. Great stuff, just what I was hoping for. I had an error that was bringing me back to the Country field as well, but, as suggested before, I waited out the drop-down for country and state and managed to get everything updated nicely.
  2. I would love to see this implemented for I have fond memories of learning new spells and getting to hear the different incantations in BG I and II. It also reminds me of the chanting used by the Third Race in the Gargoyles cartoon. Yes to incantations, and yes to Latin!
  3. You are quite right of course, no reason the stronghold can't be any and all of those things or, better yet, put to a vote on the forums? The more freedom we have to define the stronghold by our choices and actions from the start of the game and throughout, the better, in my opinion. I don't know about you, but in a number of games I would like to have been more involved in various factions. Not just walking in one day and suddenly finding myself at the top with no where else to go from there, but having that allegiance play a part for the rest of the story through some re-activity I don'
  4. I definitely vote for a library of books/scrolls/lore to be implemented. Half of the fun of Skyrim for me was collecting the books and storing them to read over. Is your stronghold's aesthetics a function of your class or of a faction/quest-line you favor?
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