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  1. The in-game description (retrieved from a wiki): "The Obsidian Order of Eternity is a secret organization. It is shrouded in mystery, with even the Hand Occult having few clues about their origins. Some scholars have speculated that the order's members are a diverse group from all over Eora, brought together by their love of exploration, fierce battle and wondrous stories." BTW, glad to hear the order will be kind of revived . Will donate my extra 8$ and become the cartographer of the ship
  2. Just in case some moderator / developer read this... the preload on a MAC is 36GB instead of the 16GB of the windows version. And in the requirements it is stated that the Mac version has the same storage requirements as the windows version. So... help?
  3. Keys. How do they work... ....keeeeeeyyyyyssssss! I need some reading for tomorrow! Come on, Obsidian! Ps: Hi everyone!
  4. Nice update! Love the screenshot, love the discussions on the mechanics... :-D :-D :-D /mode fanboy OFF
  5. This is a call to the mods, there are members of the order waiting for their titles
  6. Then there is balance in the universe - I am happy that Obsidian is translating the game . I'm also looking forward for these talks
  7. Hi folks, sorry to be late! (had a lot of scrolls to read). Rodrigo "rrc2soft" Roman, Scholar of the Obsidian Order, reporting for duty! ;-)
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