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  1. Hello, Sorry Can anyone be so kind and make watercolor of my portrait Thanks so much
  2. Hello I drawing my character but I am very bad to convert to gimp it's possible to make my portrait a watercolor version ? Thanks so much
  3. I don't understand why there is a controversy with the romances ! it's just a option ! If the players don't want romancing it's not mandotory. For me I like have the romance only if the romances are very writing and quality if it's the romance same as Skyrim for just find and amulette for the quest and after you are married it's very ridiculous and stupid and thats I think it's just for fanbase and commercial ! I prefer romance like BDG2 (Viconia) DAO (Alistair and Morrigan) NWN2 (Gann). If the romance will be mo realistic and with good quality I think the personne will be no
  4. For me the romance in DA2 was very bad and they are so stereotypes ! Morrigan was more mysterious and complex than Isabella for example !
  5. I woulk like a romance than Bishop (but it's really he was no romanceable) but his personnality and dark was very good for the gamers womens. I don't want a romance easy and no mature, I prefert a good history with quality history with the quest.
  6. For me, I would like romance mature and with happy end but it's important the romance will be just optional in the game. I prefer a good scenario with quest and good quality than make fanbase and I am honest I like the romance than BDG2 or Dragon age 1 but it's not the very important in the game. The romance it's just an optional for the gamers don't want romances. And I think for create romance with the compagnions it's important the devs writing a good quality of scenario, I don't want romance same as Skyrim or Dragon age 2 please.
  7. I prefer mature romance and optional than romance fanbase !
  8. I hope now with this method kickstarter well will have more interesting game rpg old school for the gamers with good quality writing and more choice !
  9. I am ok for romance but i think it's not fans to decide I wait the answer to devellopers for the decided or no to incorparate romance in the game.
  10. Yes I like it or exotic animal it's so funny !
  11. For me : - don't full voice of the PJ - bad story - too combat action - No level scaling
  12. For me I have no problem for have same gender, but I don't want again this system unrealistic with all bi !! ok with variety compaginon : hetero and gay ! and cool the romance is just an choice just an option !
  13. It's important to respect opinion for the gamer mens and girls, after I think a lot of people don't want the system of romance same as Bioware, and I am agree for this point ( fanbase excessif) but please if a category personn don't want romance ok it's her choice but respect the person who want romance for the game. Thanks
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