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  1. I had to do some running around to the Post Office and Leasing office and was able to intercept it myself. Well worth the hassle. Get it right next time Paradox :D.
  2. I am a backer for Pillars of Eternity and have had my address correct in the Obsidian and Kickstarter websites for almost 2 years but somehow Paradox has shipped the physical goods for the game to the wrong address. Instead of sending it to Apt 38103, it was sent to Apt 381. Is there a way to fix this? I opened support tickets for both Paradox and Obsidian on this. Hoping it can be fixed. Was shipped on 26th and would have arrived on 30th. So anxious and worried.
  3. Yup worked like a charm. Royal edition Preloading.
  4. My badge is that I am an Obsidian Order member. . Priority Number 1 should be getting the game done.
  5. My idea for the the dungeon: Quests scattered within the dungeon. (Miners lost, A loved one missing, A heirloom lost to the ravages of time, seedy quests like to steal some relic) Quests that open up secret passage ways to the surface at only 2 levels or so, one at 8 and the other at 13. No more (reward for helping the gnome who is lost and has been living in the dungeons and knows the ins and outs at Level 8 for instance etc). A main quest to go into the dungeon in the first place. Hardcore mode disables the exits and replaces the quests probably with bosses instead that destroy any hopes of escape or something like that. Progressively harder monsters at each level. Companion dialogue tailored to each level, different skills suiting different classes (Rangers finding hidden signs, Rogues hidden treasure, etc, Evil characters telling PC to kill everything etc with no morality) Maybe an option to have one of your party members go and try to sell a few things while you wait, introducing a quest while he or she is gone that puts you at a disadvantage in numbers if you do send him/her back. Consequences that the party member sent back meets unfortunate end and needs rescuing itself opening up a chain to find him after he she does not return after a time. Scenarios of characters losing their sanity the lower you go (Peevish characters or those with low Int or Charisma etc getting scared at each level down) Those are some of the idea I could drum up. The bottom line is, you are going deeper into the pit of the earth, you only have limited supplies (Food,etc), and you need to gain some of those as you go down by hooks or by crooks (drinking from a pool at level 9, trying to find a way to clean the water if it is dirty etc) and going back isn't an easy choice. It has consequences.
  6. I wonder if this rampant hate against romance in PE would have been possible if Bioware had not royally messed up in Dragon Age? Do you think BG2 would have been a better game without the romance options it had? I am of the opinion that yes bioware's mess has created a lot of angst amongst gamers that believe having romances is bad. Especially if it is at the expense of better content in place of the romance and no I don't think BG2 would have been the same game it was without the dialogue it had and the characters and emotions it introduced. I will stick to my stance of romance should be included if the following can be adhered to: Done tastefully without nude scenes (there are websites for that kinda stuff you know), Is deep and meaningful. Provides something to the story and the plot. (Lord of my Stronghold, Where is mah Lady? or the Milkmaid or the Cook ). Can be avoided if the player does not feel like it.
  7. For me Baldur's Gate will always have a soft corner in my heart. It had everything I wanted. Epic Fantasy, meaningful dialogue, satisfying combat (killing dragons was challenging and fun). Planescape is a thinking man's game, a philosophical jaunt in the woods. It tickles the brain cells and invites you to think on deeper subjects. Both were fantastic games that allowed you to do different things in different settings. One does not make the other less so. They are both relevant and great games.
  8. True. They have to do any emotion properly. Not just romance. I will let them choose if romance is an important enough emotion to have in the game. All I know is if I am the Lord of my Stronghold, I would like to have a Lady or an option to choose one. Makes it more believeable. Again though, it has to be done with class and attention. Lets keep the nudity and stuff to the Witchers and Dragon Ages out there.
  9. lol why? why should they be given preference? Just because you said so? Choice is good. I will let Obsidian be the judge of what will make it and what wont. You or I saying one emotion should be given precedence over the other has no bearing whatsoever. Non Romance in your case, non hate, non revenge, non friendship. etc etc etc. in someone else's. Purely subjective.
  10. Yes they did. It is already answered as part of today's update.
  11. Hardly. I would love meaningful interactions be it romance or anythin else for that matter.The whole "it takes too much resource to create romance" like you said is bull. It takes resources to create any kind of meaningful dialogue. Even the deep friendship you speak of.
  12. A.K.A Reza on Kickstarter

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      You can ask a Mod to change your forum name, if you want.

  13. Keep the stronghold seperate. An idea could be that the stronghold is near a city and influences NPC interaction with your character as lord of the local stronghold but keep them seperate.
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