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  1. you know u can just hit the "select all party members" button and then the "stealth" button right? this will either put everybody into stealth (provided nobody was in stealth or combat already) or if you have some in stealth and others that aren't it will just un stealth everyone, easy
  2. Can't remember the quote exactly, the panel got archived on youtube I believe, will see if i can dig it up in a minute. But I think the question was something along the lines of "was supporting Linux worthwhile?" to which his answer was basically no, but then he went on to elaborate that now they've already gone ahead and put the mileage into developing a game for Linux that to do so again for a future sequel wouldn't be as big of a deal Edit - here ya go, the question was asked around 33:42 (the audio gets out of sync with the video, the time stamp i gave has the relevant audio you're looking for....just ignore the video lol) Obsidian Entertainment Presents A Pillars of Eternity Retrospective Discussion!
  3. I actually agree with the sentiment there to be honest, always amuses me to see people requesting this feature or that feature and stating it would be easy to implement just a simple toggle in the options when in reality its a lot more hassle than they could ever imagine and can basically lead to feature creep which any developer is quite right to avoid. In the context here where the re spec option already got introduced to the game for the PC and all hirelings though (regardless of whether we agree with it or not) I don't think the OP is being entirely unreasonable..... perhaps resources would be better spent elsewhere but seeing as they already went ahead and did the legwork why not extend it out to all companions? But yeah in general the overall sentiment is easy to sympathize with.
  4. Thats my point, shouldnt they change? From a mechanic point of view? How can a 3 resovle Durance believe what he does? How can an 18 int Eder's dialouge work.. It messes with the cosistency of the game's mechanics expressed to the player. Also there are mods available right now, that YOU can use.. Which offers what you want Basically the way I see it is that player choice is never a bad thing, If the option to re spec the preset companions was in the game and I went ahead and used that option then one of two things would happen depending on my own preferences. I would either come to the conclusion that I agree with people such as yourself that the new stat allocation makes no sense for the character and reload or maybe just use the re spec option again to put it back to defaults if I've progressed too far that I don't want to reload. Or I would do as I suspect the OP would do, which is just treat the stat allocations as having no bearing on the characters personality or whatever, and while that might be really abhorrent to some it ultimately only affects that one players game and no one elses. I'm actually not too bothered about the re spec option anyway, believe it or not I'm on the side of "3 resolve for Durance or 18 int for Eder makes no sense whatsoever", I just jumped on this debate because I can't understand the logic of the people arguing against the OP about a feature that wouldn't even have to have any impact on them whatsoever if it was in the game. The suggestions for downloading a mod or using console commands to achieve the same affect is valid I guess, but if that's the stance to be taken then why did they even bother to add re spec into the game at all? I mean, just go download the mod and do it that way right?
  5. You provide no "strong" counterargument? In fact your point rest on the assumption that the mechanics of the game are only there to further your particular style of play and internal and logical consitency must naturally take a backseat to this.. Which I disagree with, as do many others. So why is this argument "stronger" than prefering the artistic integrity of the developers original idea of the character is preserved? I'm not sure I understand the problem with re speccing companions, you do realize that if the OP was able to re spec companions and chose to do so that those companions wouldn't suddenly change in your game as well right? Those changes effectively take place in a Vacuum inside that one players game and no where else, and just because the option is there doesn't mean YOU have to use it.....
  6. its been a little while now since i played but i seem to remember u can hold down the right mouse button and set the orientation of which way you want the group to be facing when they arrive at the selected destination -edit- just booted up the game and checked, can confirm this is the case.
  7. Email Obsidian @ support. Thanks I did a little digging and found this page http://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-181-physical-goods-i-havent-received-mine-yet-when-are-they-coming/ which had another link on it pointing me to the paradox help desk which I then went ahead and created an account there and raised a ticket, waiting for a reply now. Will also go ahead and try the email u suggested and see which one pops first.
  8. I'm in the UK and had mine arrive this morning, Unfortunately the collectors box while very beautiful and awesome was missing a whole bunch of signatures that were supposed to be there and also the collectors book (which is also meant to be signed) was nowhere to be found, abit disappointing though i'm sure it can be sorted out.....anyone know where to go to raise my issue? somewhere on these boards or perhaps over at the paradox site?
  9. It takes 3 seconds to see their name and 1 second to click on them. There's 500+ of them. It's annoying. Heres a tip to save your sanity ) When running through areas with npc's in just quickly hold down the tab button to quickly show the names of all the npc's on the screen and make a mental note of the ones with yellow boxes on them so you can avoid them.... thats what i do.
  10. I don't understand, what's the difference? A box full of stuff without the game inside is not a boxed version of the game. I don't just spend money and not read what I am getting. They used specific language, and now it sounds like they aren't going to deliver on a pretty big promise for people who went in with more money. Well when you receive the discs, what you do is you take those discs and you put them in where the discs would normally be had they arrived with the collectors box and voila, a signed collector's boxed version of the game will be there in front of you........... It's not ridiculous at all. And yes, you are wrong to speak for everybody. I received my Wasteland 2 Signed Collectors Edition a week or so ago, still shrink wrapped despite finishing the game last year. And I've already looked at the contents in digital format so I don't need to open it. And one day I will most likely end up selling it. So why wouldn't I keep it sealed? You can still buy sealed Atari 2600 and C64 games on ebay. Well I do still find it ridiculous personally but there's been enough people on here saying that this is a thing so..... different strokes for different folks i guess, though I find the notion of ever selling any of my collectors boxes that I own to be abhorrent...... I guess I'm just sentimental that way lol.
  11. I imagine that the box when it arrives will contain the game disc box/compartment inside it so that when the discs arrive its just a case of putting them in their proper place. as for the notion that some people didn't want to have to break the seal and open the box (but will now have to just to put the discs inside)....... Well without getting insulting I find it ridiculous, I mean why would you buy an edition with a hardcover art book and map etc inside if you don't want to look at them/read them? I mean sure the whole thing will perhaps retain more value if it all remains sealed but I don't imagine any of us are going to be selling them? or am I wrong? Also if the cost for doing things this way were prohibitive I don't think obsidian would have even offered the choice, they could have just announced a delay on the physical goods like inxile did with wasteland 2 and have done with it.
  12. You are correct. This is a strategy guide and is completely different than the Dark Horse Collector's Book. The Collector's Book is the lore and art of the game. Ok thanks
  13. Great question. It isn't like no one will post a detailed walkthrough of basically everything on the wiki. I suspect for some people they just like to have things like this as tangible physical things that they can have sitting looking nice on a bookshelf somewhere or maybe only have 1 monitor instead of having a multi display setup and have the book open next to them while playing for convenience when they need to look something up or even just something to read when away from your PC (yes i know smartphones exist or whatever but give me a physical book rather than squinting at my smartphone any day) or if you have a power outage or whatever or maybe all of the above. I get that all of the above is basically personal preference and if none of that stuff is ever of concern to you/just not important in any way then yes, the hardcover collectors strategy guide is a complete waste of money and you'd be silly buying it, but that's not the case for everyone, myself included Edit - obviously not all strategy guides come in the "hardcover, collectors" variety and are just standard paperback style things so obviously the appeal starts to diminish and its up to the individual where to draw the line, for example this guide here for poe I wouldn't be buying if it was just a standard paperback affair so take from that what you will.
  14. You are correct. This is a strategy guide and is completely different than the Dark Horse Collector's Book. The Collector's Book is the lore and art of the game. Ok thanks
  15. I'm going to assume that this isn't the case but just to quickly clarify, this isn't the same thing as the hardcover collectors book that is included with some of the pledge tiers right? but is in fact just a physical version of the digital guide that is included on some pledge tiers? just want to double check before I or anyone else as dumb as me (that needs **** spelling out to them specifically) goes ahead and buys something that might already be included in our pledge. I'm 99% sure they aren't the same thing but like i said, just double checking
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