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  1. Limiting the framerate/fps to between 30-60 and making sure vsync is set correctly i.e. either set to on in Nvidia control panel for example and off in game or off in the control panel and on in game should help reduce heat a lot. Leaving the framerate uncapped in Unity engine games causes massive usage and temp build ups and has been an issue with the Unity engine in a lot of Unity based games. I don't know why the engine has this problem in so many games but it does, if you google Unity engine/games and overheating/framerate you will find a lot of examples of this and a lot of examples of pe
  2. Try running it from the main game .exe file located in Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity II folder rather than via steam or the steam created shortcut and make sure set to run as admin. See if that helps.
  3. Shutting down when playing does sound like overheating issue with GPU, CPU or PSU...even though you say it is not those it does sound like that sort of problem. If was just driver issue or corrupt files etc it would more likely stutter, freeze, crash to desktop or blue screen rather than shut the computer down completely. Unity games have long had a problem with GPU usage, wherein sometimes you have to manually limit the framerate to reduce the GPU load else can overheat plus also have to make sure Vsync is working correctly. Set the framerate to 60 for example and will notice a decrease in te
  4. Crashed again, not sure if related to previous crash because one occurred on land in city and other while out at sea when tried to enter my own ship. Here's the error/log files the game created. 2018-05-12_090932.zip
  5. As title says, it came up with message after telling me to send you these error files it made when crashed. 2018-05-11_115730.zip
  6. Thanks. I found a temporary solution that also seems like might be working so far without achievements being affected but if my current method causes unforeseen problems later on that I haven't come across yet then I'll try your debug/console commands. The solution I am currently using basically involved changing some text in the "21_cv_player_awakens.conversationbundle" file in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\exported\design\conversations\21_prologue" folder then when started new game with PoE1 import this change created t
  7. Does anyone know of a console/debug command to fix the wrong import flag having being set by the game when import the savegame from PoE1 in which got the following ending: In PoE2 when import a savegame with that ending the game gives him this backstory instead: This is putting me off playing the game because I spent 200+ hours and multiple playthrough's to find the perfect (personal preference) import ahead of time and PoE2 is not recognizing my choices from that import and setting wrong/inaccurate flags. I am also concerned that if this one is being set wrongly by PoE2 then
  8. Well I have completed the game now and didn't get anymore shut downs after I did what I said in post 51 above. I did have few crashes to desktop though which resulted in a application has stopped responding type popup message window but since I have finished the game now I guess I don't need to worry about it happening anymore.
  9. I haven't had a shut down since did what I said above your post but doesn't mean won't happen again. It has however been 2 days of playing without shutting down so perhaps you can try what I did aka if using Precision then uninstall that one and install Afterburner instead, run a windows update and also uninstall all your audio drivers and refresh your device manager list so it will find them again and reinstall them. My audio installed is RealTek HD Audio and NVidia HD Audio type drivers, it's on-motherboard audio rather than sound card. It's worth a try even if doesn't work, just in case doe
  10. I ran a windows update, ran a memory test (which came back fine), uninstalled Precision and installed Afterburner plus reinstalled my audio drivers and it seems the crashing to desktop has stopped. I do not know if the shut downs will stop though. I will continue to monitor my CPU and GPU temps but both as have said many times are running perfectly cool and certainly not overheating, will try playing for a long period of time see if shuts down again. I haven't had the crash to desktop or the shut down for over a day now so maybe both are fixed though that might be wishful thinking on the shut
  11. My drivers for audio are most recent ones which even though 2011 there are no newer ones, it is onboard sound not a sound card. It is the same drivers I have been using from the offset and it worked fine since the game came out with no crashes to desktop on those same drivers until now (the shut downs have been happening on and off seemingly at random for past week or so and I checked my GPU and CPU and they seemed fine). So I doubt that's causing it because it would of happened prior to now I think. I really do not think overheating is the issue with shut downs either, like I said I have been
  12. Now it has started crashing every 30 seconds for some reason...attached is the error logs, crash reports etc. Going to delete the game, reinstall it and hope that fixes the newest problem though doubt will fix the shut downs. Between the system shut downs and now these constant crashes it has become completely unplayable. At least with others like Wasteland 2, Shadowrun Returns or Divinity Original Sin they were playable and never had these sort of problems with those (Original Sin crashed couple times until it got patched but never shut down my system), I hope Tides of Numenera which also
  13. It is not a CPU overheat or OC issue. Not on mine. My CPU is neither OC'd or overheating. In fact my CPU is the coolest component in my system generally and never goes above 45 degrees on the most taxing of games, most of the time it stays around 21-34 degrees and in PoE it never gets very hot either. My HDD's run hotter than my CPU 99% of the time with the HDD's generally at around 40-43 degrees and my CPU is less than that. I had it happen again yesterday after having a couple days of playing fine despite not only my CPU and GPU temperatures being cool but also I was limiting the framera
  14. It's not a CPU issue for me, I reapplied paste to it when fitted new HS/Fan and it always runs cool. It seems to be an issue between GPU and game itself. My GPU is a 4GB windforce III GTX 760, on a 4Ghz FX 8350 and 16Gb RAM so this game should not be causing that much stress on the system. On other games it does not generate heat enough to shut down the system even when those other games should be by all accounts vastly more demanding on the GPU. I might try running something like MSI Afterburner or in my case EVGA Precision to limit the framerate which someone mentioned above as possible solu
  15. Wow you lot are still arguing over that tiny change of a tiny amount of text? A change that most people would never have even noticed until both sides made a mountain out of a molehill. Your like bickering children trying to score points against each other at this stage, it has devolved into the typical whinefest of people trying to one up each other instead of actual polite discourse regarding an aspect of the actual game. Your so busy trying to 'win' an internet argument, you have even began to lose track of what started the argument in the first place based on last few pages of bickering.
  16. Manually configure your GPU fan to run at whatever needed speed to keep the heat down. I find that running my GtX 760 at 80% fan speed keeps the temp around 40 degrees. I shouldn't need to do this on an old engine like infinity but perhaps there is a coding problem with the game, maybe Obsidian can figure out a way to resolve it.
  17. I'm transgendered and I have to say I do not care about the original poem or the replacement, I do not even care that Obsidian changed it. It seems to me both sides of the fence are making mountains out of molehills. Old joke was lame, new one is lame but both are just some lame text in a video game and hardly worth grabbing torches and pitchforks no matter which side your on. People offended by the lame text prior overreacted but likewise the people whining about the fact it was changed are overreacting, both sides acting like petulant children in the aftermath.
  18. I don't put much faith in the OP's opinion on this usbject. Anyone who does programming knows designing a game of this scale is bound to have some thing slip through the cracks, especially when the work load and development of different aspects are assigned to a varied work force. Even simpler things like mods are quite often very complex to remove any issues and bugs, things that slip through the cracks. The OP did not mention even when asked the specific examples of where his complaints come from, just gave basic generalizations. The game does have issues, does have bugs and glitches but
  19. Happened to me as well. Contained in the zip file is the output log, dxdiag and latest save game. Files.zip
  20. Feels odd how I got my copy of Wasteland 2 beta key from the Torment pledge/account page yet both Torment and Eternity feel so connected through the sharing of team members and such that I keep forgetting which one I got it from. I was like why is it not showing up on my account page for Eternity then remembered that I had it on my Torment account page. :D
  21. I will wait and see what this next kickstarter is for and whether it appeals to me, I don't really want to back a studio for no reason other than to keep people there busy, so if the next one appeals to me I will back it like did with this one.
  22. Same problem. Like others have mentioned I will try again tomorrow. I figured the system was just overloaded at the moment.
  23. The Gizmorph Cute fuzzy little guy who when night falls turns into cannibalistic gruesome little gremlin. They stay in packs so there is never just one of them alone and when come across them during day your like "aww they so sweet...I want one!" but at night it's "aww ****...RUN!"
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