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  1. Shaman. Paladins have been done to death, and barbarians mesh surprisingly well with Priests. They also look really cool with the right SSS soulbounds.
  2. Wow, I'm impressed. I always felt the priest class was a bit too narrow, and lacking flavor. Making Holy Radience change based on deity is something I wish was in the main game.
  3. Charge Board Kill everyone. I guarantee that to be more fun, and less time consuming that jibing around for 20 minutes waiting for your cannons to reload.
  4. If you minimize resolve, then I think its impossible to get the soulbound mace. No amount of item boosts and food can get you to 15 from 3. To my knowledge at least.
  5. This is why I use mods. The Deadfire tweak turn the Ranger into a pretty great class. Really wish Ranger stances were in the base game.
  6. Huh weird. I just finished my Pure priest run, and well into my Bleak Waelker run. Having lots of fun on both, but I do play with mods that give the priest extra casts, and buff some of their spells(Like crowns for the faithful. Although Berath is certainly a different coloured horse than Eothas I imagine them playing the same. Litany for the spirit/Minor Avatar, throw buffs, and then throw heals as needed. I don't know about the Dawnstars, but the Pallid Knight and Usher summons were incredibly underwhelming since they can't penetrate anything on harder difficulties. Bleak Waelker(Bleak Walker/Wael Priest) is a lot more active, but has less cool abilities. I imagine any templar to be a Tank/Support, but not utterly impossible to kill like Heralds are. Also I tend to run with a pure priest just so I can have someone pop the really good buffs and debuffs while the MC focuses on healing.
  7. Oh hey, I also am doing a scout right now since paladin got nerfed a bit. Scout makes a pretty good tank with heavy armor, and dual pistols. Streetfighter/Stalker with bear is a lot more fun than you would think.
  8. Best ranger pet is bear I suppose. Currently running a Terminator-Space-Marine Gun, and shield style Shepard, and Stalker's bonuses also stack with Goldpact's golden buff. Bear also gets some love with its natural AR plus the paladin auras, and talents. Considering restarting just to get the lion pet for style reasons though, honestly I don't think there is really a bad pet with this build with all the armor buffs going on.
  9. You can try, but my attempts weren't that fun. Aside from Spiritual weapon, which is decent at best, priest spells are generally not that great. You just end up spamming devotions of the faithful because its OP, and better than 90 of the other spells on the list. Multi with paladin if you want to do more melee I suppose.
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