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  1. I would like to do pure monk or pure rogue as main character.and i ll take taheku (druid/chanter),seraphem(barb),xoti(priest) and alot(wiz) or maya(ranger).i prefer to do monk as main
  2. can u help me with pure monk and rogue builds?i ll play poth with companions!i need advises with stats,race,subclasss and maybe some words about gear!thank in advance!
  3. Scordeo's Trophy -Scoring Hits with this weapon grants a stacking -5% Recovery time with Melee weapons for 30.0s.doest it work with pistols? melee weapons...
  4. I welcome you to the guru! I went through the game several times with its release and I want to go now with all the DLCs. There have been many patches! I want to ask for your help in the Pure Ranger build. I will play with companions, I really like them. I will play on the POTD difficulty. I’m interested in what stats to choose at the start?What type of weapon is good now?What pet? I am waiting for your recall !!!
  5. Best race is Nature Godlike, because fist damage/accuracy is tied to powerlevel, and monk can easily trigger nature godlike's well of spring, which +2 power level. Status I use for every class now is: 18, 8, 14, 15, 14, 5; Con and Res is least useful ones, Might is a must, the other three Dex, Per, Con are all very useful. any tips for build?also i shold use light armor?i need survival and athletic?
  6. lion is the best animal now??i just wonna know is pure ranger ok or weak?i don't like multiclassing
  7. best stats?build?companion?weapon?i relly need 2 know do i need CON and RES ?what should i do at the character creation?
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