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  1. We get it. Some folks, less rational or contemplative folks, think having 50 storefronts each with their own little parcel of exclusive product is a *good* idea. They would be absolutely entitled to this opinion. Completely wrong but entitled. Accepting exclusivity bribes is anti-consumer and any publisher playing this game will not, in any way, learn this unless we collectively act to hit them on their bottom line. The success in the idiocy behind console platforms tells us this will *never* happen because the average consumer is not all that aware.
  2. We're confusing a transactional relationship with an emotional one. Obsidian is a business and will make business-centric decisions. We're consumers and are therefore going to make consumer-type decisions. Personally, I've decided *not* to purchase because exclusivity is anti-consumer and a cruddy practice. Always has been. Always will be. (Not ignoring the fact the Epic is a horrendous experience). I won't whine, gnash my teeth or rant about a business decision. There has been no abuse of trust here because it never, really, existed. If you want change, vote with t
  3. That’s the best feature of a conspiracy theory; you can make it look like whatever you want. Rational deduction from observed behaviors is a conspiracy theory now? Adorable. Did the process work flawlessly on Steam from the beginning? Yes. Did the process work at all on GoG from the beginning? No. From this we deduce that the deployment was built entirely around Steam with zero consideration for GoG. This isn't a 'conspiracy'. This is pretty much the current state of affairs.
  4. GOG is Obsidian’s app? The game belongs to Obsidian but the platform is GOGs and Obsidian has to adhere to their terms of use. Ha. Cute. As you very well know, the in-game content is *in game*. Not "in-platform". Try and skew this as you will, the facts remain pretty darn clear. Obsidian pegged the content to Steam, not GoG. They only started to look at GoG when the muttering started, made some placatary gestures then went radio silent. All of this paints a picture which has yet to be refuted by Obsidian.
  5. Your anger issues not withstanding: i) The content is there. ii) The ability to enable it is well within the dev's grasp. It's their application. iii) They haven't done so. This has squat to do with platform limitations. Your internal narrative is the one that's flawed. Maybe take a deep breath before responding? Emotion!=fact
  6. So what is it exactly? A pretty clear and unambiguous message around which platform they've elected to favour in future? As someone who backed because this was sold as a means to retain independence and combat this *very* idiocy, I have to now assume that all future projects will carry this taint and therefore will not be considered as worthwhile backing. :/
  7. Wowsers. How hard is it to provide access to the content which is clearly *already* there? How do the GOG backers *not* interpret this as anything other than what it is?
  8. Look. It's a precedent thing. I get that some folks are more lenient than others but any dev I catch supporting the walled-garden-lock-out idiocy of DRM over their consumer is immediately flagged as oh-carp and placed on pause the next time around. Because the only way we end the silliness is by casting the only vote that means anything.
  9. So if they don't do that I don't think it's really a big deal. You'd be unique in being a consumer/backer who didn't feel jilted by being denied access to content based on your platform of choice.
  10. I must confess that having all party members gel with little dissent is a bit of a let down. I get why this is, but there were few things more amusing than watching the party disband and attack itself because of what someone said about our Henry... for the 10th time.. +1 for psychopathic companions.
  11. Nope. Tic-tac-toe combat is anything *but* really good. Was a strong backer but when they announced the TB combat I crossed it off the list. Other than that the game is not bad at all. As for Pillars, personal score would be 8/10. Enjoying it immensely but certain aspects could have done with more polish/inclusion.
  12. So.... How do I immersion ? Tired of tearing around passively enjoying the heck out of the story/combat/scenery. I demand the next level!
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