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  1. Arms dealing, sex trade, gap b/t rich people's taxes and poor people's taxes, drugs and government role in regulating, preventing, etc of them. One issue I wouldn't want to see vrought up, ever, would be abortion. Doing so would completely break the fourth wall due to how controversial it is. Seeing it in-game could spark a lot of criticism by backers that hold a viewpoint different than what the game portrays.
  2. Fife is essentially an emulated fallout engine (not sure if fo1 or fo2 though) so I'd consider that a bit too archaeic.
  3. Whenever I think of a game that has good design when it comes to choices and consequences it would be Arcanum. Having the mechanical/technological versus the magical was just such an awesome concept. I'd love to see more polar opposites that the character would have to make a choice on who/what to back.
  4. I'm hoping for a lot more character protraits this time around. Every infinity engine game had a really small amount of portraits and it was usually about picking the one you hated the least, instead of picking the one you liked the most.
  5. The Witcher 2 did an absolutely astoundingly good job on this front. All of Geralt's swords and armor looked pleasing and practical. Every character in the game had appropriate clothing for what their jobs were while also not seeming drab and boring to look at. More of that stuff please.
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