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  1. It's the same here. Hopefully they are workings on fixing those issues and we'll get a hotfix soon.
  2. That and the "loading saved games = game crash" bug as I call it, seem good candidates for the first hotfix.
  3. I saw that one too. I found it pretty funny and forgot to report it.
  4. Some items are not shown on the character model in the inventory screen. Sometimes they're floating in the air or appear on another character's model (like the Cloak of Protection). They appear and disappear quite often and it seems to be random.
  5. I can't load a saved game without it crashing and I haven't given up yet. So this is definitely not going to make me. I'm a pretty stubborn guy.
  6. Just when I started fighting that elf near the bridge I noticed my spells have disappeared. Then I checked my inventory and found out that his grimoire and gear had also disappeared. The same goes for the priest's gear.
  7. I have the same problem. Every time I load a game it crashes. It's very annoying to create a new character every 20 minutes or so.
  8. Every time I turn the Area Map on it gets fuzzy. It doesn't seem to matter if my party is outside or inside a building.
  9. I was checking out the different classes and the game crashed. It happened when I pressed the third from the top on the right if that helps.
  10. Hi, guys. My brother and I are both big cRPG fans and we are both going to play the game. So I was wondering if I purchased an "Extra Digital Download of the Game" add-on does that mean 2 games on 2 separate Steam accounts so we can play simultaneously?
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