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  1. Required doping test for professional athletes show how futile it is to appeal to privacy of medical records when you want to do sports for living. As we demand such loss of privacy in medical matters from one group of people in order them to make their living we can determine that our laws will allow employers to do so also in any other field as we have our equal treatment clauses in our laws.
  2. "Last year, in an analysis for The European (in German), I referred to the pickup trucks as the insurgents’ equivalent of Germany’s light tank force during their Blitzkrieg campaigns in World War II. Like the German tanks in the 1940s, the images of Hilux trucks armed with machine guns and with hooded ISIS fighters on top of the vehicle serve as much as psychological weapon to intimidate opponents as they add real value on the battlefield." https://thediplomat.com/2015/10/japans-largest-company-is-isis-car-maker-of-choice/
  3. These are both true at least in some sense. Pfizer says that their studies in Israel show antibodies of people who had two shots in January have dropped in six month, but are still high. Also vaccine seem to still protect very well against worse version of covid and keep need for hospitalizations low. It depends on who is buying https://www.bmj.com/content/372/bmj.n281 "South Africa’s government found itself on the defensive this week after a senior health official revealed that 1.5 million doses of the Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine just purchased for use among health workers would cost $5.25 (£3.84; €4.32) a dose, more than twice what the European Union is paying at $2.15." Although cheap price don't necessary help when you don't get vaccines as AZ has still not delivered all the dozes to EU that they promised in first quarter and there is real risk that they need to pay 500 million euros to EU for those undelivered dozes, which probably will increase price of AZ's vaccine for other countries.
  4. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-04-05/california-prisons-consider-gender-identity-housing-requests "Just over 1% of California’s prison population — or 1,129 inmates — have identified as nonbinary, intersex or transgender" "The new California law follows other changes in the state’s treatment of transgender prisoners. In 2018, a law took effect removing obstacles for prisoners to change their gender and name. And in 2015, California became the first state to create policy for transgender inmates to apply for state-funded gender-affirming surgery. According to the prisons agency, from January 2015 through February 2021, 65 out of 205 requests for surgery were approved and nine were completed." "Inmates can request transfers to their correctional counselor, which are then considered by a committee that includes the warden, custody, medical and mental health staffers, and a PREA compliance manager. Staffers review the inmate’s criminal record, health needs, custody level, sentence and safety concerns." https://www.prisonlegalnews.org/news/2016/sep/2/condoms-now-available-prisoners-three-states/ "Legislation in California, signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in September 2014, allows prisoners in the state’s 34 adult correctional facilities access to condoms." "In a February 2016 statement to Fox 26 KMPH, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) spokesman Joe Orlando emphasized the anticipated benefits of the law to California communities. “Ninety percent of these guys are going to be sent home,” said Orlando. “So when they get back to the communities and to their families, let’s make it as safe as we possibly can.” San Francisco has been passing out condoms in its jails since 1989, while Los Angeles County’s jail system – which averages more than 18,000 detainees at any one time – has been distributing them for more than a decade, thus giving Brown enough empirical evidence to sign the bill into law. Two previous versions of the legislation were vetoed – first in 2006 by former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and again in 2008 by Brown. Both governors cited California Penal Code section 286(e), which outlaws “sodomy with any person of any age while confined in any state prison ... or in any detention facility,” as the reason for vetoing the legislation." "“It’s only logical to put things in place to keep people safe,” said Sha Wallace-Stepter, incarcerated at San Quentin. “But me personally, I’m completely against it, because I don’t encourage homosexuality in prison.”" https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-prisons-condoms-idUSBREA4C0ZB20140513 http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/pilot.pdf "In 2007, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime joined WHO and UNAIDS in recommending a range of risk-reduction measures, including confidential condom access for all male and female prisoners" Seems that daily wire has bit overblown the issue
  5. Prisoners can't consent to sex with prison guards or other members of prison staff or law enforcement, because those have power to punish and otherwise make life harder for prisoners, so it almost impossible to say if prisoner agreed to have sex because they wanted it or because they feared consequences if they don't agree on the sex. But usually sex between two prisoners is by default considered to be consensual, but of course that depends on prison and state/country. Although because rules are usually written from perspective of heterosexuals, so they may not actually even consider that prisoners in all male/female prison would have sex with each other.
  6. Vaccine manufacturing uses global supply lines where over 60 countries participate to make those vaccines, but it is countries that do final steps in process that decide who gets the vaccines But vaccine hoarding accusations aren't because of that, but because of countries preventing of sell vaccines that they have not themselves approved because they want to keep them as insurance policy
  7. Merck is manufacturer of Stromectol which is one of fewq ivermectin product that is approved for humans in USA and EU and they don't have any other products that compete against it when it comes to covid. Their statement sound more like that they fear law suits because of adverse effects without proven positive effects. https://www.merck.com/news/merck-statement-on-ivermectin-use-during-the-covid-19-pandemic/
  8. For some reason drug's manufacture speaks against the drug Earlier this year ivermectin manufacturer Merck said there was “no scientific basis for a potential therapeutic effect against Covid-19” and “no meaningful evidence for clinical activity or clinical efficacy in patients with Covid-19.” https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/finnish_firm_earns_us_patent_for_covid_drug_containing_ivermectin_and_hydroxychloroquine/11946611 Although Finnish drug manufacturer Therapeutica Borealis says that in combination with other drugs and targeted correctly it will prevent infections. Although they have not yet proven that in clinical trials.
  9. Viking era ended before we started keep records and Finnish were mostly receivers of viking raids instead of doing them, but probably there were some Finns that become vikings. There have been all sort of people during years. Cotters, serfs, teachers, blacksmiths, yeomen, soldiers, prisoners of war (maybe surprising but when you are kept as ransom for several decades you probably could count it as occupation I guess) etc.
  10. They are breaking EU's policies not sell weapons to countries that use them to start conflicts or break human rights, but that policy has never been strong until, but lately Germany has started to act like it should be actually be followed. I am not really any way passionate about Kosovo, just commenting your post because I by chance knew that it wasn't that accurate
  11. That article don't isn't accurate about Germany's law https://www.sipri.org/sites/default/files/research/armaments/transfers/transparency/national_reports/germany/Germany_03_english.pdf I am originally from Finland, my family has lived here at least from 13th century when church started to keep record of Finnish people.
  12. Germany recognizes Kosovo as independent state with 96 other countries. Kosovo is also member of World Bank, World Customs Organization and International Monetary Fund, so at least two formal institutions recognize it. Kosovo is also member of Venice Council Also Germany has banned sales of small side arms to non-allies (EU, Nato, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia) Kosovo has standing army, Kosovo Armed Forces transformed form Kosovo Security Force in 2018. Germany didn't ban from bigger weapon systems, because French and British manufactures who use German parts were effected by them as they could not sell stuff to Saudi Arabia. I am only able to find that H&K was seeking license to sell weapons to Kosovo. Not that they have got such license.
  13. Soap is best against SARS-CoV-2, because it destroys it protein shell and prevents it from infecting cells. Sanitizer is bit less effective but good to use if you aren't able to wash your hands with soap.
  14. Millions. infants died in malnutrition, caused by combination of several factors. Powdered milk was already lacking some nutriments Water in poorer countries contained impurities that caused that powdered milk didn't mix well which caused that babies bodies had difficulties to adsorb nutrients from the milk and leading to diseases in infants. Powdered milk was relatively expensive, lots of people used too much water in order to save powder, causing nutrient amount that babies got from the milk to close to zero. Using milk powder often leads in decrease of milk that mother produces
  15. https://www.euro.who.int/en/media-centre/events/events/2021/04/european-immunization-week-2021/news/news/2021/04/covax-helps-make-equitable-access-to-covid-19-vaccines-a-reality-in-the-who-european-region COVAX aims to deliver 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines by the end of the year, which should be enough to protect high-risk and vulnerable people, including frontline health workers. Its goal is to ensure equitable access for all participating economies across the globe, regardless of size or income level. So far, COVAX has shipped over 40.5 million COVID-19 vaccines to 118 participants. This includes both self-financing and funded countries and territories. Within the Region, COVAX has delivered initial batches of Pfizer–BioNTech and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine doses to Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, the Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, as well as Kosovo (in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 [1999]). Team Europe, which brings together the European Union and its Member States, is one of the lead contributors to COVAX, with over €2.2 billion pledged to help secure 1.3 billion doses of vaccines for 92 low- and middle-income countries by the end of 2021. We need only 10 billion dozes more and we can put this pandemic behind us.
  16. I would not call it objective source of information when your source itself says that it is just their opinion EDIT: It seems that neither of the authors of that opinion piece have any expertise on virology
  17. EU doesn't have funds to offer, as it doesn't have any taxation or borrowing powers. All its money come from member states in members fees, which are negotiated by member states during EU's budget negotiations and EU's budget is usually decided for 7 years to future. EU's budget has some unallocated funds, which EU's commission can use in situations like this, but usually if there is need for billions of euros worth funding then member states need to either decide emergency funding or renegotiate EU's budget. 3 billion euros may sound quite small when you compare it to sums that are thrown around in negotiations between western economies, but it is ~5% of Belarus GDP, and offer also includes 'magical' promises of lifting sanctions against Belarus, which value is difficult to calculate, but it would have massive effect in Belarus economy even in most pessimistic estimates.
  18. Basically they are barring direct flight from central Europe to Moscow, which are currently almost non-existent, as almost all other flights that enter in Russian air space don't go over Belarus
  19. It was really funding of development issue considering that BioNTech got their vaccine working already in January 2020. Issue has been to test it and mass produce it. Even though they got their vaccine working lab in January 2020 it wasn't until April 2020 when they were able to start clinical tries after signing agreement with Pfizer (who gave them 113 million dollars. EU then gave them 100 million euros and Germany gave them 375 million euros, so that they could finish clinical tries and start mass production. Pfizer for some reason decided not to take money from US warp speed fund ) and it took all the way to December 2020 to get approval for the vaccine. Scaling up vaccine production has not been easy for Pfizer as vaccine is produced in three stages. First stage is molecular cloning of DNA plasmids which is done in one factory in USA where it is transferred to stage two facilities, which there are two, one in USA and one in Germany, where they produce desired mRNA strands. From these facilities mRNA strands are transferred to stage three facilities, where mRNA strands are combined with lipid nanoparticles and filled in vials and frozen. There are also only two stage three facilities, one in USA and one in Belgium. All the vaccine dozes outside of USA are finalized in factory in Belgium (meaning that Pfizer vaccines that go to other parts of america than USA need two flights over Atlantic ocean). Whole production sequence according to BioNTech-Pfizer took from start to finish 110 days in February 2021 and they were aiming to reduce it 60 days. Also Pfizer revealed that they use 280 components produced in 19 different countries to make the vaccine. BioNTech signed contract with German production facility to expand their vaccine production capacity (using those funds they got from the government) in September 2020. Expansion is estimated to be ready end of this year and then facility should be able to produce 750 million dozes per year. In April Pfizer got authorization to scale up their production facility in Belgium. So it was more of question of where existing production facilities were located and as building new facilities just takes their time.
  20. Consider that 1-year old has usually got ~15 vaccination shot against more deadly diseases. Even though medical experts use high caution principal towards covid vaccines, all the vaccines that have been approved so far have been effective and safer than almost all the medicine that you commonly use. And even though covid is only rarely dangerous for children, vaccines have been so far much much less dangerous to anybody.
  21. They didn't start from zero, adenoviruses are used in quite lot other medicines (cancer etc.) which is why they were able to reach their current capacity. But they estimated that they could increase their capacity to hundreds of millions dozes in months, which proven to be much more difficult than they anticipated. And it is even more difficult if there isn't existing facilities to produce adenoviruses.
  22. "Brazil should be licensing then producing their own vaccines en masse (as with local Sputnik)" That is easier said than done, as scaling up adenovirus has turn out to be more complex than was anticipated which is why AZ, Sputnik and J&J all have failed to match predicted production numbers
  23. Best explanation how they have connected those solar fields is following 11.1 Transmission and distribution Most solar power systems in Germany are connected to the decentralized low-voltage grid (Figure 21) and generate solar power consumption. As a result, solar power is mainly fed in decentrally and hardly demands to expand the German national transmission grid. High PV system density in a low voltage grid section may cause the electricity production to exceed the power consumption in this section on sunny days¸ due to the high simultaneity factor. Transformers then feed power back into the medium-voltage grid. At very high plant densities, the transformer station can reach its power limit. An even distribution of PV installations over the network sections reduces the need for expansion. PV power plants are decentralized and well distributed thereby accommodating the feedin and distribution of the existing electricity grid. Large PV power plants or a local accumulation of smaller plants in sparsely populated regions require that the distribution network and the transformer stations are reinforced at certain sites. The further expansion of PV should be geographically even more consumption-friendly, in order to simplify the distribution of solar electricity. For example, Brandenburg or Mecklenburg-Vorpommern have installed 3 to 4 times more PV power per inhabitant than the Saarland, NRW, Saxony or Hesse [AEE2]. https://www.ise.fraunhofer.de/content/dam/ise/en/documents/publications/studies/recent-facts-about-photovoltaics-in-germany.pdf Page 31.
  24. Germans at least try to prove you wrong, or at least it feels like that Germany is full of solar panel fields like in above picture
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