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  1. I guess I can agree prophesies and destinies are stupid. But you're not going to be some average joe killing monsters and saving the world. That just sounds retarded. I do think it would be kind of cool if there was a prophecy for the main villain to destroy the world or succeed at whatever goal he had and it was shoved in your face throughout the game that you can't stop him.
  2. I guess I can agree with this. Bioware proved that you could throw out all consistency with the plot/story and create a terrible ending that makes no sense, and their fans will still buy it and defend them. There's a difference between looking a bit deeper at something, which I think is fine, and creating something just as crazy to try and justify your faith in them. Sometimes a turd is just a turd and Bioware isn't infallible. They're crappy writers and ME3 and DA2 have proved it.
  3. I don't consider this a strength to be honest. I didn't watch them but I certainly saw the links to the hour and half indoctrination theory videos on youtube. That kind of denial comes off as bordering on mental illness, because their fans are so zealous they would create an alternate interpretation of the ending to a video game. Being widespread doesn't really justify it.
  4. I just can't agree with this at all, I guess. I have never understood the Anders... controversy, I guess. I don't see what people dislike about having the freedom to pursue whom you want, especially when all romanceable characters are objects defined by their sexuality; at least I get to choose which one I want regardless of my sexual orientation? There is nothing more frustrating than finding out that a developer had no desire to implement something so harmless and engaging for a large minority of players. Lol, I have! A lot of them are very... eager to a fault, sure, but the passion that they display in certain areas leads to things that really fascinate rather than repel me. For all of the whining and the obsessive demands, there's also an Indoctrination Theory to show how deep they can go as well. There are places to go on that forum to have discussions that are as thought provoking and interesting as the ones here, IMO. Indoctrination theory was just pure denial about how Bioware could end ME3 so ****ty and nonsensically. It actually shows how deep their fandom goes to the point where they will make up nonsensical things to justify the crap Bioware gave them. Nothing makes sense, Bioware must have indoctrinated the player. You see this kind of denial and faith in religions.
  5. Damn right. It's pretty awesome. You should try learning about the subject to psychoanalyze people; it gives you a nice, smug sense of superiority. Sounds pretty douchey to me. Not interested.
  6. The key to understanding the romance crowd. http://social.biowar...ndex/14235800/1 Here's a sane person who doesn't like how romances have become the center of Bioware's games in recent years. Here are their responses to him. Yeah these people aren't the least bit crazy.
  7. Isn't that why you're trying to psychoanalyze people? To empower yourself?
  8. I'll just drop this here. You don't outright say it, but you can read in between the lines. Seems pretty cut and dry to me.
  9. I prefer fantasy firmly grounded in reality. And having a romance with a half-ghost-zombie-dragon lady is something that is totally unappealing...Actually more like retarded. Some on BSN wanted to romance Justice...the corpse.... I'm happy with my human-centric flavor nad relative normality. Humanes. Elves. Maaaaybe dwarves.. everything else is just too damn weird. To date BG2 still had hte best party relationships. Romance and otherwise. Yeah but Bioware made BG2 and you see what happened to them. With the success of their romances, came more and more resources dedicated to romances until you got the ME and DA series. I'm surprised people would like to see Obsidian travel down that dark, lonely road.
  10. I just checked it and boy, you'e not kidding! The first three pages of the DA3 forum contain thread topics such as: Dear Bioware, I want a Qunari woman in my bed. Click to hug / Click to kiss ? The F/F Romance thread: what do you want to see in the female love interest(s) for DA3's female protagonist? Female Kossith for companion and LI Different bodies different undergarments!!!!!! Cullen as a M/M romance? F/M romance Thread [suggestion] Romance without the Romance. Cassandra's too Manly to be a Companion.. Weddings? I really, REALLY don't want that to happen over here. :D Yeah several of those people are already over here talking about how they should have romances in this game. It's a joke. There's nothing that justifies that kind of retardation from the BSN.
  11. They don't call movies chick flicks because men love them. Same with those romance novels and soap operas. Women love that stuff.
  12. Really once you hit 26 it's all downhilll from there anyways. You just become an old, wrinkly, gross person.
  13. $9 Million and we'll add TNO as a special character you can unlock for your party after beating the game once.
  14. $8 million unlocks JRPG mode. Everyone becomes 10 years old and uses weapons twice their size. Portraits become anime style.
  16. Nah the goal should be they'll make the greatest RPG ever. If they don't hit that goal, it will just be a mediocre game and the donors will be to blame for it.
  17. Why would they have to talk to her, I think the guys are well aware of the different tropes and it will be up to them what they want to have in the game Quorem has one post. They're just a troll.
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