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  1. Sounds like we should just get rid of women if it's going to cause such a fuss. 16 pages of nonsense.
  2. Romances are terrible in most (probably all) games and I question the sanity of anyone who demands them in their games. It's a game not a romance/sex simulator. Actually, it's just a sex simulator in Bioware games. You have 3 or 4 conversations with someone, then they are telling you they love you and you have sex with them and that is it. Who wants that?
  3. Voice acting is bad. I suspect it's one of the main reasons RPGs have gotten so terrible these days, and this is suppose to be more of an old school RPG. So hell no OP.
  4. When he said "we" he was talking about him, me and all the other people with good taste in RPGs that funded this game. Eternity: Hearthfire is a terrible idea. All the best RPGs didn't have houses you could buy and raise families in. This isn't the Sims.
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