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  1. Yes, it can. They can make it look like this, for an instance : TOEE still uses 2D backgrounds + 3D charachters/objects? IIRC? What game is this?
  2. It is using Onyx engine AFAIK, so i guess at least better than Dungeons Siege 3 which is ok by me, as long as they have good art/concept.
  3. M first Kickstarter Pledge. This is also the first time I've pre-ordered anything or invested money without careful consideration of the product / waiting for some sale. Go Obsidian.
  4. Then only thing that Diablo 3 dev team did wrong was to completely destroy the dark gothic setting of the original Diablo. All else they did as the fans asked. Fans wanted some major problems from Diablo 2 addressed and Willsons' team did exactly that. It turned out that it was not for good. Fans wanted harder game, but thy didn't like it so Blizzard nerfed it. Fans wanted to do something different than Baal runs, Diablo 3 gave it to them (rare and champions packs) and the fans didn't like it. Fans wanted more choices of endgame items, Blizzard gave them rares to improve randomness and diversity but fans did not like it and wanted legendaries back, again making them the most sought items (as runewords and uniques were in D2). The list is long. So the whole development of Diablo 3 was centered around addressing the issues of Diablo 2, but in the end the fans didn't like it and wanted the old issues back. If anything ruined D3's launch, it was too much listening to the fans. The main issue is that fans don't know what they want. In most cases a good idea turns out to be bad when actually implemented. Three things that ruined Diablo 3 : the auction house, always online DRM and fixed skill tree( no point allocation in different branches ). I cannot think any of them being supported by fans.
  5. For an RPG, dlc's are most certainly a let down. Remember most of the DLC's of ME(except for Lair of Shadow Broker) and DA:O. They were a mission of couple of hours length and couple of extra items, rarely adding to the lore or grandeur of the story. Its not a FPS, where couple of map/weapon pack can justify a $10 fee. Those small lore based missions should be given to modding community and devs might work on larger scheme of things, patching and expansion.
  6. simply because as a designer you can't create a whole world with different cultures, climates, vegetation, mysteries and so on within a few days. you also don't want to lock all those things right from the start. landmass beyond the border of the map is there to give the impression that there's way more to explore in this universe. what you're holding right there is just a local map, for everything else you've to use your imagination. the more the ip grows the bigger the known map will become. If it something like that then it is great, but even then references of kingdoms beyond White March should be in the game to pave the way for the future settings in those area. If OE plans to expand their world into that territory I'm all for it. I was just concerned that they just don't define that as the edge of the world.
  7. Guess this will be implemented after the Kickstarter ends and pledges are confirmed, since the delivery date of this is Oct 2012 and before deadline, anyone can withdraw his pledge.
  8. I've always wondered why we have such fantasy maps which seems to be scrolling beyond the edge of the frame. Like we have in Wheels of Time, Middle Earth. I know an common explanation is that area beyond that point is desolate/unexplored, but even then a rough sketch of the area and lore explaining why that is so desolate enriches the world.
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