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  1. All three Troika founders currently work for Obsidian and inXile.
  2. Full interview with Brian Heins: https://www.pcgamesn.com/the-outer-worlds/interview
  3. I think there might be occasional "cinematic" slow motion death animations when your character kills an enemy, but you don't see yourself firing.
  4. https://www.obsidian.net/jobs/open-positions/programming/1130-unity-programmer
  5. Saw Josh Sawyer tweet about you. Congrats.

  6. Still seeing it more often than I'd like. It should be once a month, not once a week. These aren't high security bank accounts.
  7. http://www.heroicfantasygames.com/KOTC_Introduction.htm https://store.steampowered.com/app/1083760/Knights_of_the_Chalice/
  8. Note that PlayStation appear to have gotten permission to showcase a different area of the game than all the other previews:
  9. Lots and lots of gameplay videos. VG247 has one of the longest ones: Daily Star DualShockers Eurogamer Game Informer GameCrate Gamereactor GameRevolution (Interview) GameSpot GamesRadar IGN Kotaku LADbible Metro MMORPG MonsterVine Newsweek Noisy Pixel PC Gamer (Part 2) PCGamesN (Part 2, Part 3) PlayStation Blog Polygon Press Start (Part 2, Interview) Rock Paper Shotgun RPG Site (Interview) Screen Rant Shacknews Stevivor The Telegraph The Verge Twinfinite (Part 2, Interview) USgamer (Interview) VG247 VICE VideoGamer WhatCulture Windows Central Xbox Wire Xbox Achievements
  10. Microsoft recently announced that they plan to start supporting standard Win32 desktop applications on the Microsoft Store, and not just UWP applications. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2019/05/30/microsoft-approach-to-pc-gaming/ So that raises the question, will the version of The Outer Worlds available on the Microsoft Store be a Win32 app? It would be easier for Obsidian to maintain the same version of the game on all stores, after all.
  11. They've said that the planet Monarch is open-worldish, but other locations less so.
  12. I guess it's fairly likely that we're basically talking about a bunch of whiny juniors who are dutifully doing their jobs, resentfully muttering "Well, it's a politically charged anti-capitalist game to me" under their breaths while not actually creating anything that Leonard would disapprove of. But, impressions matter.
  13. Forget the specific issue of politics. Do you realize that it's easy to interpret that tweet (which has been endorsed by senior Obsidian personnel!) as a declaration of insubordination? "We have a different intent than our game director - and we're acting on that intent by making a different game than what he envisions." It's extremely unprofessional to use that word, "intent". Intent implies action. She could have said "views" instead.
  14. In a recent interview, Leonard Boyarky said this: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/obsidian-says-it-doesnt-want-outer-worlds-to-be-a-politically-charged-game/ Predictably, this sent the culture warriors on Twitter and ResetEra into a tizzy. Then yesterday, Obsidian concept artist Hannah Kennedy tweeted this: Let's take a closer look at that tweet: Well, well.
  15. There are no minigames. I think you're discounting the amount of information that has been revealed, but do remember that this is not a crowdfunded game. Obsidian don't have to produce crunch-filled updates for their hardcore enthusiast backers. Attribute infodumps aren't exactly prime marketing material and with most mass market titles you don't find out too much about that stuff until the game is out. It's a Bethesda-esque first person action-RPG - you've seen one, you've seen a bunch.
  16. Eh, I actually think a lot has been revealed about this game. You might even say pretty much everything except for the character creation and attributes. Note that the wiki page is based on a glimpse of the game's user interface we saw back in March. It's possible that the attributes have changed since then.
  17. We know what the attributes are, but character creation hasn't been revealed yet. Based on what Tim Cain spoke about back in 2017, it may be a bit unusual.
  18. FAKE NEWS: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-06-19-alpha-protocol-pulled-from-steam-as-sega-publishing-rights-expire
  19. https://techraptor.net/content/alpha-protocol-removed-from-digital-storefronts-as-segas-publishing-rights-expire
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