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  1. I can buy the idea of (for example) rather than making a strength based character you make a damage based character, but there is some disconnect in my head as to how that would actually work. I can't think of a physical attribute that should affect both swords and fireballs but I can see it working if there's a more substantial paradigm shift and all the attributes are more Soul or Mind based. Focus for damage, Compassion for healing etc.
  2. I'd like to add my voice to the number of people wanting to see the protoype in action. It's been great getting weekly updates but concept art, stills and theory only go so far to give a sense of what the finished product will be like.
  3. Gameplay. The story is what I'll remember; if it's a good story I'll go back and play it again, but if the mechanics are bad I'll give up before I see how good the story is.
  4. No, I'd agree with Piccolo. I don't go into Dragon Age wanting the same thing I wanted from Diablo. I'm not trying to engage with Planescape: Torment in the same way I am with Skyrim. There are different types of RPG. All three of those elements help make them great games, but I'd rather have a tight focus on whichever hook is used to draw me in. In this case, I'm expecting a really well told story and if I get that I can overlook a generic setting.
  5. A vast world with no plot sounds like MMO territory to me (disclaimer: never enjoyed MMOs, I could well be wrong there). I'm here for some Story. That said, PS:T had a kick-ass story but the reason it hooked me so well was the uniqueness of the world. No elves, no dwarves, no swords and bows. It was Baldur's Gate, the most generic setting of all, that got me into Role-Playing Games but Sigil and the Planes are the D&D setting I'll always love the most because of how PS:T introduced them.
  6. Assuming stats are generated using a point-buy system or something similar, rather than the infuriating Random Roll (just keep going 'til you get what you want. We are patiient mofos over here) I'd like to see penalities for wearing armour and carrying weapons the character is not physically strong enough for, so the penalty for having the strength to wear plate and carry a claymore would be less natural ability with magic. Great for some types of mage, maybe, but not for my arcane overlord.
  7. I'd like complete control over how skill points are spent, but maybe unlock new options through plot choices or just talking to the character.
  8. "4 million and we use that last million to buy the IP rights for all the PS:T NPCs" I'd up my donation for that.
  9. Instead of working on extra content, if they need extra time I'd rather it be spent on testing. Due to the nature of the worlds they create Obsidian games have a reputation for being a bit buggy. I have no problem at all with them delaying the release as long as necessary to put out a game (relatively) bug free.
  10. I often go into games thinking I want the tactical challenge, hearing about the clever ways they've balanced difficulty to test players but as soon as I hit that first really difficult fight - not a boss fight, that's a fair challenge I'll do that a few times, I'm talking about that pack of bandits that should be a walkover - I'm turning down all the settings to get to the next piece of story. I can totally see the fun in doing the same battle fifty times until you've found a cunning strategy, but that is not for me.
  11. The Dragon Age 2 style is my favourite. I loved how the companions all had their own houses, lives and identities, even if Merrill's room in the poor quarter is five times the size of anything I've ever lived in.
  12. I was aware of the Resi 5 controversy but since I'm not a resi fan, I didn't pay that much attention to it. I'd guess, however, that nobody complained about white zombies because there is no history of white oppresion pretty much anywhere in the world. I'm not saying everyone loves white dudes, in fact there's quite a lot of people who don't love white dudes, but I can't think of anywhere in the world where white people make up a sizable chunk of the population and are so openly treated as second class citizens. Oh man, I did not mean to join this forum to bring down the patriachy. I don't even identify as a feminist, I just can't stand it when feminism is dismissed out of hand as unnecessary. Gaming often falls back on tired old tropes, often reinforcing the idea of women as secondary characters. It's pretty easy to see why that might put off female gamers and that's an issue that the OP and myself both feel should be addressed. The actual number of female gamers doesn't really matter, whether they're a large minority or a small one. Monte Carlo, if you think the thread isn't important, stop commenting. Let it die. Though I would like to thank you for commenting often because your signature means I don't have to check the kickstarter page to see how much has been pledged. Edit: sorry, it was BadMojo complaining most recently about the thread existing. Still, I like your sig.
  13. Sorry, let me clarify. edit: Completely re-written this post because I don't feel the last clarification actually clarified anything, I am sometimes not making it clear when I am talking about treatment of women in the game world and when I am talking about treatment of women in the real world. In the game world, society can be sexist but in the real world it shouldn't be. So, if a culture in the Project Eternity world is sexist, I would like that sexism to be presented as unjust.
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