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  1. Yeah this game definitely shouldn't be easy on us. It takes away from the immersion when there are any type of quest markers. I'd be thrilled as hell to have quests that require some riddle solving. DEVELOPERS PLEASE TAKE NOTE FROM THIS MANS IDEAS.
  2. While everyone can discuss what small things they want to see in this game I'd like to share my overall hope for this game. It's been stated that there is some considering of sequels and I really hope this is the kind of game that can create a new world that can really be intriguing. Games like the Elder Scrolls (even though I believe the quality of the games decrease every release) have truly lasting worlds and lore that can be discussed for many many years. I want that experience, I want this world to be real enough that scores of people will be dedicated to unlocking the many secrets of the history and lore. I want to be able to lose myself like I've done with past RPGs. This is something lacking in most modern RPGs and is the reason so many fail. Dragon Age came sort of close. I want this game to really have soul.
  3. I never had an issue with the inventory slots. I did not like the dragon age approach. I can't really put my finger on it but I just got really frustrated with it. Mostly because of the shared inventory. I'd rather have separate inventory for each character and have it based on weight and not just slots. I like the strategism of deciding who should carry what when my wizard is obviously weakest and my fighter being strongest.
  4. This topic really intrigues me and I'd most like to explore the theme of coming to the realization that not all problems can be solved. I'd like this game to expand on a bunch of different themes though, I'd even like to explore new themes that I wouldn't have expected.
  5. I was feeling very cautious after the second update and I have to say that this has resparked the hype that I had at the beginning. I am definitely happy to see a lot of fundamental things like party formation, the basics of character creation, and the many races that you are announcing. Only thing I'd like to see is an update on classes. Can't wait!
  6. I prefer to keep it completely isometric. I did like neverwinter nights but keep in mind this game is a 6 member party games and I don't want the gameplay to be so simple as to be able to zoom in on a single player and still play. I want combat to be complex and require the control of every party member. This should be purely locked as isometric and that's it. Just my 2 cents.
  7. This is exactly what I wanted to hear... My excitement level is about to bust. I'm glad that you are taking a true mature direction
  8. I agree with the man on top. Make this game with YOUR ideas in mind. Do not listen to this board for anything other than small idea's. I want a game designed by the people who made the classics I love. Not by a bunch of amateurs with differing opinions. Unless there is a STRONG opposition to one of your decisions then don't take too much heed at the stuff spilling from here.
  9. I am happy to hear that... With all the people screaming for ROMANCEEEEE I didn't know. I'm happy to see atleast one person agrees with me though. Yeah I just got that. And I don't really want to explain the theories of sexuality I am just stating it takes away from the immersion if all the characters you party with are bisexual or whatever. Just want the romance to play a small part if any at all.
  10. The morality system should not be something we see. It should be a background force that affects different aspects of the game based on our decisions. Morality isn't black and white like most games would have you believe. I like the system of Lawful Good to Chaotic Evil even though I think even that is too much of a label. I'd rather morality be handled as an unseen force.
  11. And I'd also like to state that while everyone is worried about romance and sexuality in this game that there are people here that would rather see the focus being put on lore, party system, ai, dialogue, and the RPG system. Please do not take away from that by worrying about all these "mature" themes as some people call it. Mature themes are deeper than just sexuality people. And they address this in an interview and I am happy to see that they realize the difference between "mature" as in lets have sex all the time, and mature as in making mature decisions and making this game cater to adults rather than children. Children want sex and blood and gore, adults want to see a masterpiece and a world that we can really appreciate. So please take this in mind.
  12. I see a lot of threads about adding in all kinds of different romance options and that's fine to express opinions so I think I should express mine. Do not follow the path of Biowares romance and for the love of God don't shove it down our throats. I am not at all anti homo sexual but lets face it, it seems like a stretch to be adding transexuals or any other of that sort into the game. Games nowadays want to incorporate the accepting nature of society today towards these things but in a fantasy setting this doesn't sit well... It takes away from the immersion when the party member you so happened to be traveling with is also gay! Who would have thought! I guess I'm kind of going on a tangent but let me try to clarify. If there is a gay romance option don't make it a character who could also be straight if you're character was a different gender. And don't have this game just over flowing with these kind of NPC's. It just takes away from the immersion like having a game set in Africa where all the characters are white. It doesn't fit. To be frank I would just love it so much more if there were NO romance options at all and to just let the player roleplay that kind of thing in their head. That would be tons better. Playing Icewind Dale and customizing each party member to have a specific role, socially and in combat, compared to actively trying to portray it for us was a much better way of doing it. But with the uproar I am seeing for romance I doubt that kind of thing will be left up for my imagination.
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