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  1. I played all BG games + tried Icewind Dale. But to me it wasn't near as good as BG. It just lacked the great characters and their interactions with the hero. I really hope there will be at least, say, 10 possible companions for Eternity. It just adds up so much on the replayability of the game. Better put A LOT of time to the development of the companions. Also the monsters like mindflayers, beholders, elementals... etc. Looking forward to BG:EE atm. Never played P:S. Seems like i have missed out on a good game there. Does anyone know of a version for mac os x? I like how Eternity has a lot of sea on the map. Probably going to be some cool athmosphere and storytelling out on the sea.
  2. From Germany at the border to Denmark, currently studying in Australia at the Sunshine Coast
  3. I always liked and still like "crafting" in Baldurs Gate 2 where you had to find all the ingredients of an artefact and then bring these to Cromwell who crafts the weapon or whatever the artefact is.
  4. Nothing is worse than a question mark over the head of a npc and then the exclamation mark at the target place. I guess most people here on the board like to puzzle over quests. Even if it is just searching for a person in a labyrinth (ok maybe a bit pointless with isometric view but you get the point). Having a quest for a long, long time and later realize how to solve it. Short quests which require time to think about. Never played PS:T but as i hear of this game more and more often there are probably some decent quests in it. - riddles - puzzles - mysteries - mini games? (for entertaining fun at times?) Just do not make the whole game easy. Having a tough time of it with quests or even getting frustated about it seems better to me than getting everything done at first try. As far as I'm concerned even implement quests that require different playthroughs to realize how to solve something would be new and interesting.
  5. Awesome news. i like subraces. maybe drow? duergar? wonder what would be in for humans...
  6. Maybe we all wait a little bit more for info from the developers before starting to panic
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