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  1. Unlike Algoth who only put some denial video I put out videos that I believe in. You have already proven to me you don't share same views as me that is crystal clear. No why would I put huge effort in writing hundreds of words? I don't see it worth doing. I rather find what I believe in. I, for one, am happy that you're so clearly abandoning even the pretense of having a discussion for the purpose of changing minds here
  2. There are larger countries on that map with fewer dots on them than Hungary. What gives?
  3. There are countless videos about Hungary on youtube. Mainly considering recent year politics and action (building a physical fence around Hungary) not talking about situation say 10 years ago. Please, do continue to explain the brilliance of the Hungarian prime minister and his policies. I'm burning with a desire to know more about this subject, which it's quite apparent that you know more about than I do
  4. you live in what finland? what do you know about the **** that is happening in hungary
  5. Wait, I'm confused, aren't the sjoos supposed to be the ones who claim victimization at the merest sign of disagreement?
  6. People here are not upset. They're laughing at you. How about stay on topic yourself. Friendo, after typing up five paragraphs about your Iranian friend and how it's impossible for you to be a racist, I don't think you get to tell others to "stay on topic".
  7. People here are not upset. They're laughing at you.
  8. In all fairness, it's not like thousands of different strangers in another state wouldn't get those jobs...
  9. I expected one that calls the movie racist would appeal to your sensibilities
  10. I can think of a harsher one, actually.
  11. Citation needed that is not from the Austrian School of economics. I'd be fine with any citation if it's actually backed by hard data.
  12. I watched the whole thing. I fundamentally disagree with pretty much every philosophical point it's trying to make, and it has plot holes you could drive a flying car through, but it's pretty fun nonetheless. Atrocious music choices have been consistently made throughout the entire season though.
  13. ...Did you ever see a happy person on public transit?
  14. Sorry to interrupt the no doubt incredibly important and insightful tangent on the nature of feminism, but as it turns out, the earlier article about banned words at CDC? Poppy****.
  15. do nazis hold power over you? That's a bit of a false equivalence, because we've already seen what happens when nazis get power, while we only have your vague supposition that feminists are totally bad and authoritarian to go by. "It's an authoritarian idea because I envision they'll take away my freedom of speech and probably kill all men if they ever get into power" is not exactly the most shining proof of feminist authoritarianism.
  16. Extremely indeed After all, feminists would like less sexualized characters in video games, while the kind of people BPS is pandering to believe in "white sharia" (their words, not mine), and those two are clearly the same thing
  17. There's nothing "tough" or "advanced" about rank idiocy such as "women are destroying civilization". Yeah it is outrageous statement, almost like patriarchy is holding women back right? Yes, crypto-fascist talking points clearly have the same merit as feminist ideas
  18. There's nothing "tough" or "advanced" about rank idiocy such as "women are destroying civilization". Obviously you either didn't watch the videos Guilty as charged. Normally, I would offer to open a "where I watch" kind of topic, in which I go over the video, list the things I disagree with or are provably and factually wrong, but if Shaun already did that, I don't see much point. It's very unlikely that I catch something he missed, he's very thorough (incidentally, the same thoroughness also makes his videos interminably boring and borderline impossible for me to watch). There is no inherent quality to women that makes them immune to rank idiocy; self-hate is far from the only possible explanation.
  19. There's nothing "tough" or "advanced" about rank idiocy such as "women are destroying civilization".
  20. For shame, dude. It's a Hungarian movie, based on one of the, like, three good plays the country has collectively managed to **** out over the centuries "Marcell Jankovics" doesn't even sound Polish!
  21. free speech is being throttled by the nazi's EVIL!
  22. Hungarian accent is the worst and I have to live with it
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