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  1. Its like nuking fish in a barrel. You know this stuff is searchable, right? https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/70166-apologies-to-obsidian/?p=1562798 https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/94029-political-oceans-11/?p=1946294 I'm not going to go through all of your 5000+ posts to defend the first, but surely you must remember that the second one came hot on the heels of a post where you said people who experience a fight-or-flight panic reaction to depictions of sexual assault are "not far from being legitimately mentally challenged", right? How the hell is that anything but dismissing legitimate psychological trauma with derisive laughter (warning: may not actually contain laughter, 100% sure to contain derision)?
  2. Back to throwing around baseless accusations, I see
  3. ...You, uhh, do realize that you can just disengage from the conversation instead of spamming the topic with "pass", right? (Lemme guess, "pass". Have to rub the "I'm very passive-aggressive about ignoring you" bit in, after all.)
  4. You're obviously entitled to your opinion, but man, choosing this exact conversation to throw around accusations of how I'm the one being disingenuous is priceless
  5. Ah. Well, I honestly think you are incapable of understanding much and conversate from disingenuous positions. So, okay, let me get this straight: - Hurlie posts something about how whatshisface the pedophile can't ride a horse - You butt in with a complete non sequitur about how PETA should totally get him for animal cruelty - Malc asks what the hell you're on about - You respond by mumbling something about piling on "but he's totally a scumbag you guys" - I ask what you were trying to achieve with those two posts - You respond by telling me that I'm "incapable of understanding much" and "conversate from disingenuous positions" Yeah, pull the other one, mate
  6. what did he mean by this Which part did you "not understand" The, uhh, point you were trying to make.
  7. He definitely took the easy way out, avoid all that media attention and eventual jail time I probably would have done the same what are you talking about? Police dropped that case. Absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence. "Innocent until proven guilty" is fine and good, but when guilt is extremely difficult to prove, "he was clearly a pure soul cruelly bullied into suicide" is hardly the only way to interpret events.
  8. Unfortunately, this kind of cluelessness isn't uncommon in Poland. Granted, judging by sharpie's posts, other kinds of cluelessness aren't either
  9. as in, reported the post? Why do you hate free speech? We're at a forum with rules. Last time I checked xenophobia is not tolerated. typical SJW nazi how dare you expect that rules be enforced on people? EVIL!
  10. Somehow this fails to surprise me at all my friend dated 16yo or 17yo when he was over 30, they are together for 5 years now. You can have intercourse from 15yo here. Its nothing uncommon Not judging, just saying I wouldn't want to date my girlfriend's 15 year old self People are stupid in their teenage years. (Although I'm sure I'll have a similar reaction about people in their twenties when I turn 30.)
  11. Somehow this fails to surprise me at all
  12. I take it you weren't here for the gamergate threads then
  13. Uhh... source? Because that sounds suspiciously like some Cobra Commander level bull****.
  14. How unfair. What about test tube babies?
  15. Literally the second sentence of the article: "The horse died of heart failure and its death was not caused by its deployment to the demonstration, the Nijmegen police said on Twitter."
  16. "b-b-but don't you see, it's the people who complain about racism who are the real racists"
  17. The plural of anecdote isn't data, and the data says you're vastly more likely to stay a miserable failure than you are to pull yourself up by the bootstraps.
  18. Honestly, at this point I just silently pray that someday people can realize their dreams of creating an objectivist utopia out there on the high seas or in orbit where they can establish whatever tax policy they want to.
  19. Yeah this meme annoys me to no end, because while canonically the Emperor is by all accounts a horrible father and someone who doesn't really get people in general, he's not an incoherent babbling manchild.
  20. Huh? I have a very good grasp on economic both micro and macro as proven by my success in business. [citation needed]
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