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  1. Good read. Weirdly enough, it seemed to be at its best when talking about agriculture, a subject that is only loosely related to its central thesis. The chapters about the Soviet Union felt rather superfluous. (It also makes me feel weirdly justified about my loathing of what's held up in the post-Forge indie TTRPG world as "good design", aiming to produce largely the same play experience at every table.)
  2. this is correct I am the sole arbiter of leftism around here you either 100% agree with me on everything or you shall be branded a false leftist and a traitor to the cause
  3. As someone who leans more toward the left, Imma ask... Should we trust this source in the age where leftist extremists call themselves "unbiased" and manipulate statistics? My gut tells me don't believe everything I read. Esp if it's on the net and even moreso when it comes to politics. "Hello there fellow leftists. I am very left-wing. Just the most left-wing guy you can imagine. By the way, have you noticed how everybody on the left is an evil lying extremist?"
  4. The Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko. Just drop the series after like book 2, it jumps the shark incredibly hard.
  5. there was also the guy with the weird vendetta about female NPCs in Dragon Age Inquisition having "man faces" but I don't think he posts around here anymore
  6. That's dumb but now I'm angry and I may not come back to the forums ever...
  7. but muh freedom to feed homeless people tainted food what do you mean people should make sure they are actually helping those they want to help rather than just have vaguely defined good intentions ****ing nazis
  8. But by and large not by the same people who are crying racism now. Which does tell me something about where said posters' priorities lie. If I say that only a white person would think of asking a question like this, does that make me racist, or just wrong?
  9. I'm sorry but the quote features the following data points: - he does not want to live in the neighborhood - people in the neighborhood are white - people in the neighborhood are Republican - people in the neighborhood have no shared interests or values with him - there is a causal relationship between the first statement and some, or possibly all of the following three Now Occam's Razor would say that it is probably the "no shared interests or values" thing or the "diametrically opposed political affiliation" that is behind this causal relationship, yet you guys are pretending that no, this is 100% about their skin color, that's the sole reason for his distaste. In and of itself this would not even necessarily be a problem, but somehow cries of "racist!" mysteriously fail to manifest in the thread with the same ferocity when Sharpie or some similarly deep thinker barges in and starts citing statistics about how violent and low IQ black people are "on average" and how this is totally not racist because "facts don't care about your feelings"...
  10. Wait, I'm sorry, in what way is "white women don't want to date asian men, as a general rule" a racist statement? 'Cause I thought this was a trend corroborated by dating site statistics.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/When_a_white_horse_is_not_a_horse
  12. That is quite a racist attitude you have there I must say. The implication is that he does not want to live around people with whom he shares no interests or values and who also happen to be white, but don't let that stop you from clutching your pearls. Like, hearing you complain about this when you specifically ****ed off to the arse-end of nowhere to live just so you don't have to be near people with whom you share no interests or values is, shall we say, strange.
  13. Dude you keep harping on this and I can't help but notice that you sound exactly like Trump. "Look at all the WINNING we're doing, we have the BEST WAVE, just the BIGGEST EVER, because we are the party of REAL WINNERS, #MAGA". I appreciate your enthusiasm but it's unsightly.
  14. if you can think of a better methodology than "restrict our sample to cases where it is provable with DNA that the wrongful convictions actually happened" I'm all ears
  15. This study estimates a wrongful conviction rate of 11.6%, which is not exactly what I would call very rare.
  16. So what do you see as a less arbitrary way? I mean, is that really less arbitrary than where your parents are from? "Parents are at the very least long-term residents of the country and you're born here" is as good as any, I'd say.
  17. Why? Honestly I scratch my head over why it should be difficult to get citizenship. Are we overpopulated? Is it bad for the economy? I didn't say it should be particularly difficult to get citizenship. But I think "happened to fall out of someone's vagina in the country" is a ridiculously arbitrary way to grant it.
  18. to be fair I always thought birthright citizenship was kinda stupid
  19. Rational people don't believe in conspiracy theories either.
  20. Speaking of Muslims, did you know that the synagogue shooter had a Gab account? We can hear what motivated him straight from the horse's mouth. For those not in the know, HIAS stands for Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, a nonprofit that assists refugees. The dude clearly believed in the far-right conspiracy theory that teh jooz are out to replace Real Americans with muslim rapefugees, but I'm sure our resident """independent thinkers""" will find a way to spin this as the Democrats' fault anyway.
  21. Wait, I thought he was ranting about teh joos or something. Are you telling me that democrats are now inciting anti-semitic violence?
  22. Nearly all domestic terrorism these days is right wing. Also, 'harmless'? Really? It's a bit over 3 times higher, the leftist variety isn't non-existent. I'd also expect a leftist version as being more subvert and more likely designed to fail than the right wing version. Based on who the targets were it seems like a struggle within the left establishment as opposed to someone trying to fight across the aisle. By harmless I meant that the attack was suppose to fail and be caught. With the threat of harm as the intended message. Note to self. Don't assume a the person behind a given scenario is acting with intelligence. "Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is that people are stupid and make bad decisions."
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