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  1. You can also add and remove party members at any of the inns.
  2. What kin of confuses me is Animancy... Wouldn't all Watchers, Ciphers, and possibly other magic classes be considered animancers? Kind of makes opposing Animancy seem very hypocritical, though I suppose the player doesn't have a choice in regards to being a Watcher, still... the lines between Watcher, Cipher, and animancer seem very blurred.
  3. Yeah It was presented a bit poorly, like I'm pretty sure they straight up say that you HAVE to get assistance from a god to survive so it didn't really seem like you could progress without pledging to a god. I was kind of hoping that Wael and Skaen would be "safe" betrayls since you had no choice but to betray other gods in order to do theirs. Worst of all is if you betray Ondra, Rymgard, and Skaen by siding with Skaen... He's part of your guys' group! Take it out on him, not Dyrwood! lol In general I wish there was more slides for stuff like: what boon you get for your choice, the Fangs
  4. The way it was portrayed with Thaos, Iovara and others it's like as a Watcher, a god, or a very skilled animancer you can essentially act as a brain surgeon: Preserving the mind/personality ( the statue in the Sanitarium, and at Caed Nia) Uncovering hidden secrets of the mind( past lives/awakening) Destroying the mind while preserving certain parts ( IIRC there was an option to return Thaos an Iovara to the cycle but preserving their memories to torture them) Destroying the mind completely and turning it into pure energy( entropy, and strengthen endings) Whereas a standard death seems
  5. I have slept near him many times and the quests did advance far, but not far enough to finish them entirely...Durance's quest progresses when you return to Teir Evron after doing the quests that you get there... It's part of the main quest... I think you get two dreams from traveling/resting with him before that.
  6. Yeah, I had to reload and save her too... She doesn't respond to it, but she does have a different line for act III which is nice. I also found it impossible to take Mr Beaker from the Glanfathan woman, I just felt too bad about it.
  7. The 1st Warden bounties can't be completed until after act 2 and the 2nd set does include one in the copperlanes catacombs, so there is that....
  8. Would've been nice if this had more consequences, like killing less than 10-15 would result in Kolsc surviving the counter-attack, or the number of guards you kill effecting how much reputation you gain. I mean Gilded Vale is already suffering greatly and the loss of so many lives would leave the area unprotected, or whoevers in charge would have to spend a hefty sum of gold to hire new mercs.
  9. So, how moddable is POE? Personally I think it's in desperate need of a "roleplay and reactivity" dialogue mod, even if the result of the dialogue still remains the same. Given the inconsistent voice acting even with voice acre character, it wouldn't really stand out either.
  10. And yet if I kill him, I get MAJOR negative in Defiance Bay...Could always do more side quests in Defiance Bay, get the information for Eder and THEN kill him. I I killed him, but I'm pretty sure I'm still a "hero" or "champion" in Defiance Bay. Eder's quest does bring you back to the area anyhow.
  11. Do you still lose rep by killing him? As far as I know the kill option is supposed to be a silent assassination of sorts, so no one ever knows it was you, therefore no rep loss. Also just letting him go should obviously result in no rep lose because you aren't extorting money from a Defiance Bay noble.
  12. My main character was a slave, and the Skaen guy had special dialogue for that and I really kind of wanted to go with the Skaen plan from a roleplaying perspective, but I just couldn't go through with letting the girl be a slave to serve Skaen's purposes, so I released her and killed the Skaen priest as well as her uncle. Now what I did try was to release her AFTER letting her return to her uncle that way I didn't have to kill the Skaen worshipers since I did agree with them in principle, but unfortunately the game didn't allow me to do that. Also for those of you who said that the Skaen p
  13. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/74075-hostile-sanitarium-bug/?do=findComment&comment=1678915
  14. Good thing I'm joining the Dozens on my first playthrough... Still haven't accepted either of the 2nd quests yet, and Dom's hate me for defending the merchant. 1st playthroughs a kind good hearted (wo)man of the people, 2nd ones gonna be a more stern lawful type (keeping Raedric alive, joining knights) and 3rd will be a basic self serving ass, sooo.... Probably Dom's for that one. I understand the issue though. Your first district is copperlanes, you explore everything, get the dozen quest and go to first fires to further the quest, and then you go to the next district to get the info fr
  15. yes, and she advised anyone else making a game not to make them for some reason
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