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  1. The idea of thieves' guilds and assassins' guilds are ludicrous enough. You might as well propose a stableboys' guild and a gaoler's guild. That said, the idea of hiring men to carry out the stuff isn't, at its root, bad. Assuming there are enough free men shiftlessly lazing about the game's cities, it would be more believable to simply go and hire people to carry things for you. Better yet, they should be untrustworthy and selfish, liable to conceal the best stuff so they can sell it for their own profit. Well, it could be workers of any description, I'm definitely not married to the i
  2. I'd say go with option 1, they just keep it. As a player, you just have to get used to the idea that you want to scour the cave the first time and be sure to "discover" things that need discovering. And of course, the scav team won't know where to go until you send them in, so if you really want to make a couple passes you can. I think for this system to be feasible you'd have to make some exceptions, since some requests might turn out a bit ridiculous ("I found this really great place in the Underdark, loaded with loot!") Caved-in and blocked-off dungeons will still happen, and you hav
  3. How about a solution that is reasonably realistic and also extremely simple and awesome? Any large city will have a "scavengers' guild" for lack of a better term. These guys aren't much for fighting, but they are great at hauling stuff out of dungeons and selling it at market. They're basically jawas. Now each dungeon would need a hidden (or not so hidden) condition where the dungeon would be considered "clear." Maybe you need to kill the big baddie or 100% of the monsters. Now say your party has just cleared out a huge dungeon, and has picked up the best magical items etc, but has
  4. Turn-based combat has clear limits on actions that can be taken in each time interval. And you don't emulate turn-based combat by pausing whenever you want, because there is no pausing and reissuing commands between intervals in turn based combat. First you call this "the most logical compromise", then you talk about "cheater illogic" not mattering because Obsidian promised to make the compromise that is supposed to be the "most logical", lol. Having any command pause at all is a compromise from a real time system. The reasons for having limits on command pausing aren't based on some co
  5. I severely dislike level scaling, as I disagree with its basic premise. The idea, the theory, is that no matter which route you take, you can't make a "wrong" choice. You can wander anywhere, and the game builds itself around you. You also don't have to worry about over-leveling and making lower level areas "too easy". Sounds great, because that opens up an infinite number of ways to play the game. Then you actually play the game, and the world feels.. fake. There is effectively only ONE path possible and ONE level of challenge. It doesn't matter what you do, your experience won't be
  6. The question is: are you the REAL JVC? If you are, just wanted to salute you sir. Your M&M series was what started my love for dungeon crawling RPGs. Cheers. Not the real one, but for some reason I found the name kind of funny/cool when I was a kid and it stuck as an internet handle. MM3 was my first PC game and definitely a brilliant work of gaming. I like the idea of allowing multiple damage types for weapons. Something like a greatsword has an edge, but even with a dulled edge it can shatter bone due to its sheer weight. Axes are similar. Spears would be piercing but prob
  7. Isn't part of the point of this update to show that if you want to make your fighter or whatever play like it did before with little to no active abilities you can and it'll be a viable option? I say design as many active/passive abilities as they see fit and let the player choose how to mix and match and in what ratios don't give a class less abilities of a certain type just because he is that class. That's kind of an odd solution. The problem perfectionist people like myself have with the multitudinous active abilities, is that we AREN'T lazy. If I were, I would be content to allow my
  8. On the topic of classes and active abilities: Please keep some stark distinction between mages and fighters. The active ability plague has descended upon the CRPG (and D&D) from the realms of MMORPG. Granted, in an MMO, you typically control only one character, so managing and rotating cooldowns keeps the player engaged. If you like that sort of thing (I was a short order cook, and for me it was far too similar for me to enjoy MMOs now). But it becomes a meaningful challenge because you CAN'T pause the game at all. With D&D, my dislike of samey character class abilities comes
  9. My thinking is... all fantasy games ever made have been pretty wrong about armor (and probably most fantasy novels too) D&D wholesale imported only the armor types found historically (although it might have embelleshed a little on reality). Armor is usually designed to defeat the weapons of the day, but most fantasy games exist in a world where trolls, dragons, and many other non-human opponents exist and have existed throughout the world's history. Plate armor is great for stopping slashing swords and arrows, but what about the snapping jaws of a dragon or a troll's massive club? I
  10. Wow, just, wow. I am loving Dirge more each time I hear it. I also like some of the environmental sounds you used, they can really convey a sense of place. Sometimes when the current locale in the game is really imposing, the place itself can dominate the narrative.. it's great when these sorts of places have really memorable music. Here are a couple good examples of mystical music with a sense of place, if you'll excuse the sound quality. I've always wanted to hear some of these de-midi-fied. Overall, looks like the soundtrack is in good hands. I look forward to at
  11. Wow, well this seems like it would be an opportunity to create an awesomely deep and complex game, complete with a brand new set of mechanics. Setting makes not much difference to me, I play RPGs in many different settings. Isometric is a plus. Something that would be cool... Have a game world where people react realistically to antisocial behaviour, like looting their wardrobes. Don't gear the game around the concept of being able to steal from and murder people, plenty of modern RPGs fulfill these sociopathic urges. Don't have false morality systems (unless you implement deities,
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