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  1. tank style aggro and control is not a good mechanic. some foes should be dumb or have their own quirks but most enemies should actively try to win the fight to the best of their ability. Maybe get a limited form of multiplayer working when their systems are setup and see what works in their game. Some of the writing on fighters talked about them taking damage for the party. I hope that does not mean mmo style aggro systems.
  2. Number two is the most comfortable option. I don't find hard choices fit with an arbitrary party limit, we are full or i need a mage more than you aren't great lines.
  3. Investigation quests can be some of the best in their games when done right. If the writers can make the player think they figured it out themselves and not through the dialog boxes it gives a great feeling. As far as just slaughtering the cult, presumably they do not label the NPCs as evil cultist when the mouse hovers over them.
  4. New inhabitants in cleared areas would be great if someone took the time to write it in. I think that should even apply to the forest animals in a special case.
  5. i had thoughts like this about a non lethal fighting state being an option for townies and intimidation but the extra dialog may be a killer on it. usually the script will allow evil playing, it is the random theft and non quest murder that can catch up with you.
  6. there could always be different sub classes or skill choices that lead to one type of class x or another. Originally there were only 5 classes planned so think along the lines of there being no paladin but the warrior type class can go down that route through specialization.
  7. I have enjoyed flatter level curves as well. I find that the longer the game scales upwards the more likely things get shaky somewhere. With games that expand over time like mmos there is usually a tipping point where one of the old caps just felt better.
  8. I like all types of games where the opponents have similar abilities and play by the same rules as the player. If the game cheats too much with immunities and effects the player start losing a lot of their tactics. Make allowances for special cases and give some unique statuses, abilities, and items but keep the default as normal rules where another player could be swapped in for the ai into a fair game.
  9. Different subraces and cultures seems like a great way to cover a lot of ground. Elves and Dwarfs may be boring but several areas of the world having different types of the common and uncommon races can tell some cool stories. Different areas of the game map can be along different areas of "societies advancement" and multiculturalism.
  10. What if they run out of Kickstarter money before it's finished? they go to kickfinisher
  11. Magic is more like to be overpowered than a firearm? Assuming this game has bows, crossbows, and fast magic projectiles they all cover similar tactical options of fire arms. Dodging a crossbow is just as zany as dodging a rifle shot.
  12. Muskets and bombs. Could be quite an interesting world. How about an arcanum styled boomerang?
  13. I like having discussion tied to stats but learning and saying the right things like Deus Ex and Alpha Protocol is a big part of conversation paths as well. As this game won't be based on DnD it may not have the planescape talkers are wizards problem. In Fallout's SPECIAL system diplomacy takes points away from combat styles equally.
  14. What does magic mean for the people in this world? It is common but not everyone has it so what about the people who do. Are they idolized, feared, or marginalized? What role in society do they play? Is some low level magic used by this society everyday and what are its effects? Do people hide their magic or do they try and act more strong souled than they are? What does a strong soul mean? Does that person live a lengthy life eventually deadened by outliving many who they loved and cared for but those people had to come to face the reality that they will not live as long as their strong souled companion because through fate, determination, or luck they are weaker person? How would 20% of society being able to cast a knock or light spell change that world? What is happening in these peoples lives for the last 10 to 20 years? Rock and Roll, civil rights, anti war counter cultures, environmentalism, terrorism, financial collapse? There are too many ancient prophesies in games where people worry about what happened 1000 years ago.
  15. the predjudice based attack sounds interesting. In general I do not like an ability that forces the ai to dumbly attack the person the player wanted them to.
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