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  1. If someone is still checking this, we just released a 100-page preview of the book. Grab it here: http://www.mediafire.com/view/66nybf...ok_Preview.pdf
  2. Items should be bigger. They use the same 40x40 icon size of the IE games, but at the time we had 640x480 resolutions... 800x600 at most. Resolutions has more than doubled since, a 40x40 icon is minuscule at 1920x1080. 20/20 vision people should check their privilege.
  3. There are actually buttons to switch between them. I've highlighted them in the relevant screenshot on my 'UI consistency' thread: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67406-ui-consistency/?do=findComment&comment=1485860 Then I think it proves your point about how having no consistency is confusing.
  4. Some suggestions & feedback: - When reading the character's stat page, you can't switch characters, you have to close it, select a different character and then open it again. - Combat lacks weight and feedback, like characters shouting and the screen shake when you land a critical. It's also very hard to see when and if characters are actually performing the actions you ordered them to do, be it casting a spell or attacking an enemy. - Combat log is horribly polluted with pointless stuff and it records too little: It's a pain to find relevant info instead of "Bob recovered 0 stamina because stuff", and you can't scroll back much. It's so short that you usually can't even go as back as the start of a battle you just fought. The log history should be longer, and allow you to filter out these pointless stamina recoveries. - There's a lot of repetitive and boring spells. Seriously, most of the spells are "decrease/increase X stats", followed then by some damage spells that also "decrease X stats". There are almost no utility spells like Dispel, Identify, Knock, Sense Trap, Charm, Sleep, Detect Invisibility, etc... Instead you have ultra-specific stuff like "decrease by X% the accuracy of disengagement attacks in the area". Not to mention that they are very similar. There's a "Mirror Image" spell for Wizards on Lv 1, 2 and 3: That's a drawback of not linking spell efficiency to the spellcaster level, as in D&D. :3 - You cannot see spell's detailed effect when selecting the on level up. They only show up when in your Grimoire: - Documentation is seriously lacking. I.e., the game shows that the Resilience stat raise Concentration. But nowhere it explains what Concentration is. - The stats description also are confusing as hell. Just try to make sense of this: The lines are obviously weird, but the worst offender are these % everywhere, that you can only guess. "+50% Crush damage" means that it boost my Crush damage in 50%, or it adds 50% of my damage as additional Crush damage? I have no clue. And what the hell is 1000% Crush damage, since the weapon gives Slashing damage? - Most importantly, items feel to similar. There might be more interesting items in the full game, but the Beta lacks any game changer. Everything is "gives you a bit more of X". Looking at the item enchantment list, I feel like looking at Diablo's random item generator. if you're creating unique weapons with lore and all that, make them really unique, not just a weapon with two enchantments that you can do yourself. Think Lilarcor, Adjatha the Drinker or Crom Faeyr, not Diablo-ish loot. - The space to sell stuff in stores is too small. It makes impossible to trade a lot of junk for something powerful. - Might is too powerful and Intelligence too weak. That's especially true if you plan to create a custom party. Just create a Priest with a lot of Int as "main character" and you'll have both buffs and dialogs covered. Every other character you create can just stay at Int 3 without losing much.
  5. All of it? :3 But seriously, I would like to hear you on Fallout Tactics, for all 4 reasons. But I'm not in any hurry, it will take me months to gather all reviews, so I have no problem with you taking all 3.
  6. I'm not gonna auction the reviews based on merit. The JA2 guy took it a week ago, it would be a douche move to go "Oh, I found someone better, don't need you anymore!" You know, the list still has 100 games in need of a review: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t-49SyrsdP0M5re68sDH9cB2MrPqVKwQQiFF_54VibI/pubhtml I'm sure there is something there you would enjoy.
  7. Thanks for your interest. Yes, I consider JA2 a RPG (is in the list on the OP), but I already have one of the lead modders behind Patch 1.13 writing the review.
  8. Fellow RPG fans, hello! My name is Felipe, and I'm currently working on a crowd-sourced book on cRPGs. After organizing the RPG Codex's Top 70 list, I decided to expand that into a full blown book. The idea is to feature in-depth reviews of over 250 great cRPGs in chronological order, from Akalabeth to Might & Magic X, plus interesting articles on the genre and interviews. All that written by RPG fans from all over the world, compiled into a beautiful book with big a colored screenshots. It is a book showing what the genre has best, and how people enjoy them. A book that every review that you read you will see that it was important for the reviewer and want to play the game he just talked. So far I've got some big developers in, like Tim Cain, Chris Avellone, Josh Sawyer (Obsidian has been very supportive ), Ian S. Frazier and Colin McComb. I also got full support and access to the content of forums like the RPG Codex and RPG Watch (including some stuff from RPGdot), DJ Old Games, some indie developers like Iron Tower Studios, Sinister Design and Rampant Games, as well as bloggers such as cRPG Addict and modders like Durante and Wesp5. Here's a small WIP preview: The entire project is entirely non-profit, so the final e-book will be freely available for download, under Creative Commons and all that. And if everything goes well I intend to make a paperback print also available, fully colored and in high-quality print, for those that want one. Non-profit as well, of course, sold at cost price. My call for aid Here's the list of games that will be in: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t-49SyrsdP0M5re68sDH9cB2MrPqVKwQQiFF_54VibI/pubhtml I'm looking for fans willing to write a review of one or two of the listed games still unassigned. You can, of course, also suggest games that should be added. The reviews specifications: There are two kinds of reviews, the ones with one page and the ones with two. These are displayed on the list. If you think that the game you're writing about needs 2 pages instead of 1, contact me and we'll discuss it. But please note that not every game needs two pages, ok? One Page reviews have up to 2000 characters, one header image and 2 screenshots + descriptions. And they have room for one short side blurb or info-box. Here's an example of a 1 page review: http://i.imgur.com/AKINvJj.png Two page reviews have up to 4200 characters, one header image and 3-4 screenshots + descriptions. They feature a developer's quote and they have room for two or three short side info blurbs or info-boxes. Here's an example: http://i.imgur.com/LfZfHEw.png You can, but don't need to provide the screenshots (in .png if you do, please), just be sure to say what you think is important to show and write the descriptions for the images. They are a good place to point out things that won't fit the main text. The developer's quote will be handled by me (unless you know a good one already). The tone can be somewhat personal, talking about how you stayed up for a whole night trying to map that dungeon in Wizardry 4, but it’s very important that a reader that knows nothing about the game is able to understand what the game really is, its strong points and occasional flaws. Don’t say that “it has great combat”; explain why it’s great. BEFORE starting to write, please post on the thread about what will you do, PM me or send an e-mail to crpgbook at gmail.com. Someone might have already taken the game, or I might have extra details to discuss. Thanks all for your time and sorry for the massive 12/12 Wall of Text.
  9. This just proves how broken the "RPG" definition is. You're bound to have a arbitrary definition anyway, so I'd rather follow one that that is broad and features more interesting games.
  10. Not sure on that first point, the screenshot from the Kickstarter update clearly says: Now the question is which of those are wrong...
  11. Maybe someone here knows, why the Kickstarter update screenshot shows the Boxed Copy for $50, when it was $65 during Kickstarter (and still is on my pledge page)? The Digital Collector's Edition, on the other hand, is more expensive now: I payed $80 ($65 + $15 for shipping) during kickstarter for a boxed copy, and now people that just joined can buy the same for less? I want to support the game, but I feel I'm just losing $15 here for no reason. I already sent a message to Obsidian yesterday, but got no reply....
  12. One cool thing, make a game where I can play as an old, wise man, that changes a lot the pacing. I mean, like having a "Old & Wise" Perk or background choise when creating your character that make him almost useless im combat but boost all the other abilities and open unieuqe dialog choices!
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