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  1. So to Microsoft now, but a little less willingly :D http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/3551576.stm
  2. damn it, does anyone know when The Office and Spaced have their 3rd seasons? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The Office - Nevr. Gervais said the Christmas specials were it. Spaced > Hopefully one day, but I'm not holding my breath now. Shaun of the Dead] took priority. As for Mos Def playing Ford...eh, I don't really care how can an actor he is, the question is - is he really going to be convincing as someone pretending to be from Guildford? Or is that going to be changed? Arthur may have been a bit slow, but I can't see him being convinced that Mos Def comes from Guildford, but there you go. Otherwise, it could be good. I'm interested to see how Warwick Davis is going to play Marvin.
  3. I'll third that, although Azureus is Java based and it can be a bit of a resource hog.
  4. Calliope

    Shrek 2

    It took a while to get going, but it was good fun. Shrek 3 was announced shortly after Shrek 2, it's currently in the story-boarding stage of development and is due for release in 2006, probably Q4. http://uk.imdb.com/title/tt0413267/
  5. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/ryan.pascall/...Wedding%236.jpg
  6. I dunno Bruce. Shhh! They'll figure it out, Bob!
  7. What else can I do to make people think I'm really female? I have to talk weddings or people will be onto me. Thanks for thinking I'm boring soppy and whiny though, I must be doing something right!
  8. Calliope


    Haha, good to hear you're doing well Btw, Sammy's Guilty Gear X2 absolutely rocks. I can't find the PS2 game anywhere. I'll just wait for GG Isuka that shouldn't be too far away ^_^ I have a copy Great game. I <3 Jam
  9. Calliope


    Hey Sandi *huggles* Hope your new job is going well - couldn't be any worse than Interplay though, right? :D
  10. Sorry, I'm saving myself for hubby-to-be, until that day I shall remain pure and untouched by any hand! *cough cough cough*
  11. There is such a thing as a "a snog" as in "Give me a snog!"
  12. I love that site. The more I read it the more I think it's one giant spoof, (the Earth is Flat Gem got me) but then the sad thing is there really are people like that ;_; I wonder if any of the posters there are real fanatics who think they've found their home? Hmmm.
  13. Damn, any idea how many employees got trashed? Most were probably looking to get out before the boat sunk, not quick enough I guess. Still, beats the ass (are we allowed to say that here?) off getting fired just before Christmas.
  14. I think that was the plan anyway along with taking all the bells and whistles that we didn't really need out.
  15. Ha, I did wonder if that's where it came from :D Mine's from mythology, Calliope's a muse. My avatar..uh, one of many avatars I cycle between, picked this one because it was already square so it'd look better at 64x64. It's of a mutant nurse from Soultaker
  16. Calliope

    Horror Films

    What about potal rental services? My other half and I live about 15mins (walk) from a crap rental shop, 2 minutes (walk) from two newsagents who have about 5 videos to rent (two being Ransom and Phantom Menace) and 30mins walk from the nearest Blockbusters which has plenty of stuff but...well, it's so damn pricey.
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