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  1. Don't worry, their just doing what everyone does on these forums and are trying to find any way they can to poke holes in what people are saying... Its quite obvious he was meaning in-regards to the dialog wheel/animation part of the game since there isn't really much else that this game relates to ME from, but he just wanted to try and make a big deal over nothing... Just ignore him, its for the best
  2. I'm not really one to ask for a refund but I really wish I didn't buy this game. It was a fleeting single player with no real multi-player and no continual game play. I've had it for maybe a week or so and now it's just sitting on the shelve, it was so short lived!!!! If a games focused on Multi-player (which is what I was lead to believe by reviews with devs and even on the homepage for this game) they make it so you can keep on playing over and over with friends or randoms, if its a single player game then it has a campaign that takes 30 - 50+ hours to finish and a decent story and lar
  3. Its annoys the crap out of me jumping into forums and seeing people do nothing but try to shoot down other peoples posts... Its mostly fanboys trying to shoot down people with legitimate complaints and I find them very annoying and pathetic. This game has very short single player, no extended play and bad MP... there is PLENTY to complain about and the benefits of this game do, in no way, out shine the flaws... Even you fan boys will be done with this game after 2 weeks id say... This game is fun for a short period but it gets very dull, very fast with nothing to keep you going....
  4. its sad to say but people are going to stop playing this game after MAYBE a month... There is going to be a 'no this is a great game bla ba bla...' reaction from the fanboys, but fact is there's just not enough to keep anyone going in this game... it takes no time at all to blitz through this game, I've gone through with all toons (I keep changing though as I get bored) and there's no difficulty that's a real challenge, heroic is easy once you get an idea how the game work but very hard online due to nothing more than the games camera.... I've pretty much stopped playing and gone bac
  5. Im quite keen for doing what the op mentioned with someone.... I play on PS3 usually from 4pm on wards (times are randomish after 4pm) GMT +12 NZ time Heroic difficulty for sure
  6. Seriously? Their planning on fixing it? I would love to see that thread says they are... I've been looking for something from them explaining their plans for patches and fixes are but only found the sticky on this forum \
  7. I think this game is pretty good... it has alot of good points but also quite a few bad points which kills the games longevity.. Good points 1. Fun and exciting fighting style 2. Very nice looking effects and world 3. Interesting story line 4. Entertaining boss fights 5. Many varied ways to build characters Bad points 1. Multi player in general (camera, no carrying across your own online toon, no continuated play option) 2. Very short single player campagin 3. Absolutely no challenge on normal but heroic is abit more challenging (especially some high end boss fights)
  8. Well they could just say ' we are currently working on...' or 'we are planning to make the following changes...' if they at least gave some sort of reply it would calm down a lot of the rage IMO because ppl would at least know their working on something for us and the constant complaints about MP would calm down... At the moment its just like their ignoring everyone and dont plan to fix or change anything... I don't know why the hell you guys are trolling on this.... in essence all im asking for is some feedbak from them with what their plans are to address the complaints that have bee
  9. .... why do people just accept something that's crap? I've given this game love as well but I want to know what is going to be done about the things everyone wants changed... I wish I could change the topic name...
  10. Oooookay, they put that out on the 16th of june.... the release date...with no mention of PS3 OR XBOX..... OR any mention about fixing the things the entire community has been complaining about which is the MP issues... please don't put something as stupid as that up and think ur being smart... The games been out for 9 days and there is just MASSES of complaints about the MP and me, yourself , and hundreds of other people wnt to know what they plan to do...
  11. I am just curious if obsidian are planning on making any kind of announcement on the HUGE amount of outrage that has come from from the community? It would be nice to have some sort of feed back to all the requests and concerns that have been produced from the people who have purchased this game and also to know what their plans are for fixing these issues that have been brought to light? At the moment its just ppl speculating on what MIGHT get fixed and how, it would be nice to know what is ACTUALLY going to get done for us with some kind of time line...
  12. I played GoW3 and Honor Among Thieves 2, absolutely loved the single player experience in them! I finished them both twice and haven't touched them since... I brought DS3 with the understanding that it was going to be a ARPG geared towards Co-op online, that's the ONLY reason I brought it... Now I will say I've been quite impressed and enjoyed the single player, but the reason I brought it is a waste of time at the moment... Once I finish the single player with 2 heroes I'd say its going to just sit there and collect dust like the other single player games which is not what I expecte
  13. Hire a hooker... - - - has anyone seen them say something about fixing more than that can you post it? I've had a look but only thing I've found is http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showtopic=57715 Which doesn't even say ANYTHING about console, only for PC... so is console just going to get completely shafted?
  14. I want to see new multiplayer... They should fix the multiplayer side of this game and make it so you can do what every ARPG likes and wants which is continued play and their own personal online character that they can build up and cultivate into a wreaking machine with fully geared up gold everything and all the bells and whistles... Obviously the camera needs to be sorted which is a no brainer (I still can't believe they released the game with that camera for multiplayer). DLC is going to be pointless because people are going to be trading this game pretty quick thanks to Multiplaye
  15. I must say I agree, this game shouldn't just end, its going to make the game lose interest for me VERY quickly... The devs got a lot of things right with this game but also a few key parts VERY wrong... 1. The difficulty is waaaaaay to easy, normal is a joke! Through my whole normal game with Kat I didn't die once and only felt a lilworried that I might maybe 3 or 4 times and I've never played any other dungeon siege games...heroic is more challenging but seems more like it should be normal 2. The camera... omfg the camera... you guys must have not even tried playing the game co op wi
  16. Hey guys, Been playing for a couple of days now and i'm enjoying the game so far, only major problem is the camera... In single player it manageable but with very limited tilt allowance and one of the worst zoom functions I've played with its kinda frustrating... The main issue though is co op camera... its fkn terrible... seriously just sooooo bad.. It constantly changes to the top down view making it horrible for ranged combat and well combat in General, if you have a retard in ur party who just stands there u can't move thanks to all 4 heroes being jammed in around the hosts scr
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