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  1. Single player is near perfect with the exception of a few corner cutting problem that I can live with. If the multiplayer was devolped then we could have a seriously good game on our hands and all the people who don't want to play COD or Halo will have something to play online. It just all depends if the devs are listening/caring. I'm new to the board so I'm guessing only time will tell.
  2. I agree that adding a new mode would take alot of time and resources but I just don't think they (Obsidian) should be allowed to get away with adding such a horrible mode and expecting us to just put up with it. I don't like companies taking my money, giving me a crap excuse for a mode and then trying to fob it off with weak excuses. I'll stop ranting now because I'm going off topic. Keep in mind though that with the way the multiplayer aspect is at the moment, this game won't servive a month online due to returns and trade ins, so with less people able to buy DLC, how long will DL
  3. So I'm posting here because I think how Obsidian hadled the multiplayer aspect of Dungeon Siege 3 is a slap in the face of gamers who have supported their company through out the years. What would you guys rather have first, some single player DLC or a new online mode, similar to something like Sacred 2 or D&D Daggerdale?
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