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  1. I got the same problem... my main character has 18 health left after the battle and dies on every load attempt. She does have the mentioned amulet equipped.
  2. I'm speccing Eder right now in PotD difficulty. Before 3.0 I read everywhere that Defender + Wary Defender is the way to go. But now Defender gives -5 Deflection and Wary Defender only +5 to all defenses except Deflection... which is not really great. So I'm thinking if Guardian + Hold the Line might be better than Defender + Wary Defender. Or should I just skip Wary Defender and go for Defender + Hold the Line for +3 Tagets engaged? Defender: +2 Targets engaged, -5 Deflection Wary Defender: +5 Fortitude, +5 Will, +5 Reflex Guardian Stance: -10 Accuracy to Fighter, +10 Deflection to Fighter and nearby (2m) party members Hold the Line: +1 Target engaged
  3. I'm starting a new game with a Babarian Mainchar on PotD. Everywhere I read that Perception should be around 14. But most that it gives me are 4 points of accuracy. I know that acc is important but you get 3 points per level and there are so many items and buffs that increase you acc. So those 4 attribute points seem to be better invested in stats that give percentage bonusses.
  4. PotD is really all about positioning. I had so much problems with the Banshee fight in the lighthouse. Then I moved the party to this spot and it was totally easy. I put a Firewall in front of my party and pulled them over to me. Only poor Ithumak had to die when he pulled them :D
  5. If you have a weapon with a bonus like crit modifier, does this bonus only count towards a hit with this specific weapon or to all hits? I know you can wield 2 Hatches and get the Deflection bonus twice, but if you wield 2 Battle Axes (each has +0.5 crit bonus), do you get +0.5 crit bonus on each hit or +1 crit bonus? Sorry if this question was already answered, but I couldn't find anything about it.
  6. Do you need "Hold the Line" (+1 Engagement) for OSA to work? As far as I read the Wiki it says, that the default engagement limit is 1. This would mean that OSA would rarely trigger. There are also some Build guides which recommend "Hold the Line" in addition to OSA
  7. Do you need "Hold the Line" (+1 Engagement) for OSA to work? As far as I read the Wiki it says, that the default engagement limit is 1. This would mean that OSA would rarely trigger. There are also some Build guides which recommend "Hold the Line" in addition to OSA
  8. I just wanted to ask if it is even possible to finish PotD with PC and only story companions. I'm about to start a new game because I'm sick of "cheating" in all follower changes made by patch 1.0.3 and I'm thinking about starting the with PotD.
  9. For me it seems the Stronghold is mostly virtual. I mean I am there and I can see it but I can neither participate in the adventures (hello random quests) or see my visitors. Currently I got a wanted criminal at my Stronghold reducing my security and prestige... I can pay her to leave or take one of my partymembers out to escort her. My party currently IS at the Stronghold... I mean I just need to go there and stomp over this criminal (and maybe get some loot). But no, I can not interact with visitors.
  10. Very cool indeed. My Barb is the highest DD of all story companions anyway (23k dmg at lvl8 vs 2-5k dmg) so I imagine this party to stomp over almost everything. Could you please post one or two screenshots of your group in action? :D Banshees, Spirits, Shades, etc. should become easier with Brute Force ability (Attacks target Fortitude instead of Deflection if Fortitude is lower) since they have high Deflection and low Fortitude.
  11. I just noticed, Blooded was "nerfed" in 1.0.3 from 2x damage when under 50% Endurance to 1.25x damage. I doubt its still worth that much... My Barbarian is very "fragile" and I don't want to keep her below 50% that often. Also the bonus only lasts as long as the barbarian is below 50% Endurance... the Human Fighting Spirit ability lasts for 28s (but only gives 1.15x damage). And Brute Force... most enemies got much higher Fortitude than Deflection, I doubt its worth it, even with Threatening Presence. Its only usefull against Enemies like Ghosts and Spirits. The chance to hit depends on the enemies Deflection (and Fortitude if you got Brute Force)... so you could only show the crit chance against enemies with X deflection. But its easy to calculate: Since you need to get a "roll" > 100 to score a crit and the dice is a d100 you need to have higher Accuracy than the enemy has Deflection. For every point of Accuracy above the enemies Deflection (or Fortitude if its lower and you got Brute Force) you get 1% crit chance. E.g. 60 Accuracy, 40 Enemy Deflection = 20% Crit Chance.
  12. A fix for this is easy to program We know from the CheatEngine guide that the game stores a stat and its bonus in memory. When a savegame is created, the game serializes the variables and writes them to the savegame. When a savegame is loaded, the values get deserialized. I guess this is, where the bug happens, sometimes the bonus gets loaded incorrectly. When items are equipped and skills are used, the bonus gets recalculated but only relative to the current bonus. (current bonus + effects = new bonus). So what should be done is to recalculate the absolute bonus completely when items get equipped or skills are used (all effects + all equip = new bonus)
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