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  1. Thanks Tig... The only thing I had to remap was the triggers... they weren't triggering. Still, I find the controls very unusual... probably since I've never used one in my 30+ years of gaming. Definately a 'learn by doing' thing. Everything now works, but the D-Pad moves my character and the left analog functions as the dpad. Any hints on how to swap these functions? The small button next to the indicator light switches the left stick and d-pad. I use the latest version from here and load the Rumblepad presets and never had to remap any buttons.
  2. So I did some research and figured it out. The F710 gamepad has a switch to change modes from xinput to directinput. If you set it to direct input it uses the Rumblepad 2 drivers and x360ce recognizes it as a rumblepad. You can the load the Rumblepad presets for both controllers in the x360ce control panel and everything works perfectly in DS3.
  3. I am trying to play PC local couch co-op. I have two gamepads connected to my pc. One Logitech Rumblepad 2 and a Logitech F710 Gamepad. I originally was using the Rumblepad 2 with x360ce and everything was working great. With the F710 connected and set to be the secondary controller via windows gamepad settings the game doesn`t recognize it as a second controller. When I go to find game and the local co-op screen comes up the second player (Press Start to join.) is greyed out. I think the problem is the F710 has xinput so the game sees it as a real Xbox 360 controller but when I use x360ce to enable the Rumblepad it cancels out the F710, or something... Any ideas on how to get both controllers working?
  4. It might also be a good idea to contact Steam. I was in Japan when DS3 first went up for pre-order but it wasn`t listed in my Steam. I contacted Steam about it, they pretty much fluffed me off in my help ticket, but about two days later it showed up for pre-order. I might even try sending help tickets to Square and Steam just to see what kind of automated fluffy response they give me.
  5. the reason you cannot zoom in further or at a better angle is because the game engine doesnt draw the sky. if you tilted the camera up like you want to, they would have to draw the sky in. i also want health bubbles to stay longer. and i also want health bubbles to be collected when you roll - at the moment rolling doesnt pick up bubbles. Not sure if this has been mentioned but you can collect all orbs by pressing the left joystick down. I am not sure how to do it on a keyboard though.
  6. This is called Focus, and Lucas (the warrior) needs those blue orbs just as much as the other characters. Health Orbs aren`t the only means of gaining health. I put some points in Lucas` talent to gain health when enemies fall. That turned out to be my main source of health. If I was getting dangerously low I would charge head first into a bunch of enemies and "boom" my health was back up. I am pretty sure that is why they have most bosses summon more minions. This also works for Focus (blue).
  7. I am in Japan and my steam account says August 2nd release If I had a friend log into my steam in the US I wonder if it would unlock my game? Anybody know?
  8. What about racing? I have never even tried playing Dirt or Grid with a k&m. PC Games I currently use my logitech for include; Two Worlds 1,2, Oblivion, Risen, The Witcher, The Witcher 2, Sacred 2, Dirt 1,2,3, Grid, Metro 2033, Mass Effect, and a few more but I can`t recall them. While these are not all perfect with a controller I have played through most of these to the end sitting on my couch.
  9. See, if the game was slower like the first Dragon Age, or a bit faster but still much slower than now this wouldn't happen. This was suppose to be about character builds and tactics, not super reflexes, I don't like games where you have to have super reflexes to competently play them. These are the kind of games I grew up on! I am glad this isn't another Dragon Age type strategy rpg. The combat is really fast passed and edge of your seat sometimes! I could also really tell the difference with better gear which gives the loot hunting aspect a bonus.
  10. I died once on normal but haven't tried hardcore. The key for me was dodging her spray magic missile things and only attacking when she wasn't glowing. Which I now know was her retribution. I also used the donut shaped room to us my health regen skill to it's fullest. I will try her with Anjali sometime which I am guessing might be even more of a challenge.
  11. I have an X-fi Titanium soundcard and haven`t experience any stutter. What are you using for sound? dedicated card, on-board realtek, gpu audio?
  12. I agree. For a loot centric game a clunky, layer heavy, UI was a very poor design choice. I imagine it was a matter of time. I remember hearing that the delay from a May release to a June release was due to pc controls. It would have been smart to maybe delay it another month to fix the UI also. (I would also want the console ui for when I play using my TV but it seems asking for the ability to toggle between two different UI is a pipe dream I have had for too long...)
  13. Since I loved pretty much everything about the demo I will only list the one or two "niggles". -Exiting the inventory should just be one click of the BACK button. The B can be used to back up one menu level. -You can't zoom into the map, and I couldn't find a larger map anywhere. (Maybe this will show up in the full game?)
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