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  1. This game isn't even worth getting angry about. It's an ok game... I've shelved much worse. But it really doesn't grab me. Any "more of the same" content isn't going to bring in new fans. I've played through the game with each character... so I've gotten my money's worth. But I have no real desire to play through it again. They need to work on the itemization. To call it "one dimensional" is too liberal... it's less than one dimensional. You might as well have no loot in this game.
  2. This is true in every game since chess. When advancing a pawn, you can choose what ever piece you would like to promote it to, but it's never to your advantage to promote it to rook rather than a queen. I guess that makes chess a horrible game, filled with flaws. Take what ever skills you want... and if you think some are wasted, simply ignore them. Others play by different rulesets... perhaps trying to end the game with the most gold... who knows?
  3. In defense... morrowind was hardly what you would call an ARPG. You could play for an hour easily between any combat at all. The problem is that people have different definitions of ARPG and what constitutes the standard. I'd put Diablo 1,2, Titan's Quest IT, Dungeon Siege 1&2 and Sacred 1 and 2 up as standards... even Borderlands. These all allow play after completion of the game. So it's not a requirement, but it is a common feature in the genre. I don't see DS3 as needing it... there's not enough character developement or item hunting to make replay have much value.
  4. Reviews typically reflect the bias of the reviewer more than the actual game itself. Reading reviews as gospel is foolhardy. The fact is that DSIII was nothing like the players expected, and initial reviews carry this as a negative. It is a different game than what DS1 and DS2 would have you expect. People are Jonesing for a game like Diablo 2, Sacred 2, Dungeon Seige... and they didn't get it in DS3. That's why it gets bad reviews.... it's being compared with people's expectations rather than on it's own merit. I don't consider DS3 to be a great game, but I'm having a lot more fun with it than I did with Bioshock.
  5. Here's a map I drew up... just for you. -------------------------------------------------------------------->
  6. More diversity in items. The current batch is pretty one dimensional.
  7. I'm no expert on this game, but many of the bonuses refer to "percent of will" or some such thing, so many stats can be changed by other stats changing. You'll need to be very specific as to when this type of thing occurs or they'll not call it a bug.
  8. Anyone else imagine this on the next level... eventually we'll have to find a guy on a corner selling us rights to go to a store to get rights for a distributor to give us rights to a digital download.
  9. Thanks Tig... The only thing I had to remap was the triggers... they weren't triggering. Still, I find the controls very unusual... probably since I've never used one in my 30+ years of gaming. Definately a 'learn by doing' thing. Everything now works, but the D-Pad moves my character and the left analog functions as the dpad. Any hints on how to swap these functions?
  10. It would seem that it's more my unfamiliarity with the controller at fault. You guys actually like accessing the menus with a joystick and attacking with a button. It's going to take some getting used to. Cheers everyone.
  11. I've gotten my Logitech Rumblepad to be recognized by the game using an Xbox controler emulator (Toca's). The problem now is that the keybindings for the controler are all wonky. I can't attack with it, and the analog joystick brings up the character menus and whatnot. I can reconfigure every feature on the controler but really have no idea what command should go where. Is there a way to get the "prefered" controler keybindings?
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