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  1. Hehe, indeed. She may have smelled the sewer stench and simply attacked
  2. LOL - huge mistake and misunderstanding on my own part ). You are absolutely right, I approached at predawn hours, never even considered that there is a difference. No problem, she is where she is supposed to be. Thank you for helping my apparantly old eyes see through my panic of missing out of a great companion ) Regarding the title, I mean she and the ranger (name escapes me) are only recuitable after a certian point in the main quest.
  3. She isn't dead, I talked to her in the first area of Neketaka. As she didn't follow orders in PoE1, she is supposed (according to what I have read) be summoned to the Valian HQ where she can be recruited. However, the Valian HQ is now under lock and guard, and if I sneak in, the guards attacks immediately.
  4. So for me Pallegina wasn't made available to me after talking to the queen, aslo the entire Vailian company has become hostile to me, despite me having completed many quests for them and having high reputation with them. I have read she is supposed to be standing in the throne room, but she is no where to be seen. Is Pallegina recruitment bugged, or is she seriously so hard to recruit that a single choice somewhere eliminates her as a companion - anyone know?
  5. Haven't tried myself, but a couple of builds could offer fast gunplay as I see it: - A Black Jacket fighter with 4 weapon sets all equipped with dual pistols, fire twice, switch, fire twice, switch etc. Ofcourse this ends at some point - I am myself considering testing a gun ranger multiclassed with chanter troubadur for enduring lingers. Ranger has an ability to decrease reload time and the chanter has a chant which lowers it even further
  6. This worry is exactly why I have a hard time starting a paladin myself. I really want to start a holy slayer (Bleakwater paladin and assassin rogue), but I like to play diplomatically and benevolent thus eliminating Bleakwater paladin as an option. Admittedly not by much as it takes a very high disfavored level to get to negative values. This wiki page informs of favored vs. disfavored behavior: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Paladin This sub page informs on the effect of being favored or disfavored: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Faith_And_Conviction
  7. Just to add a paladin question: Do you have to follow the paladin faith to keep the abilities? E.g. a Bleakwater Paladins needs to act in dialogue like a cruel a...hole, or I would loose all his abilities? Or did they take that part out?
  8. Anyone tried it with a cipher class. I am considering an assassin rogue / soul blade cipher, thought is very high both ranged and melee dps. Challenge being it is kind of low survivability and requires a lot of micro management (my thinking anyway without trying it)
  9. I can recommend watching Fextralife's youtube channel for some great insight: https://www.youtube.com/user/Fextralife/videos Currently I am planning on starting a Chanter (no subclass or beckoner) multiclassed with a ranger (possibly Sharpshooter subclass). Giving him a firearm, pistols or long range gun, the ranger can give +20% reload speed to guns and a certian chant gives +30% on top of that. This gives a very fast shooting character, who not only has a standard ranger pet, but also summons.
  10. If we are wishing, then I prefer the CD Project RED style of DLC, meaning everything after the initial main game are free ;-). Anyway I like the CK2 and EUIV approach to DLC, meaning something are free updates to the core game mechanics (a better balance of the companions e.g.), other things are big and thus expansion pack (I am thinking old BG1 and 2 style expansion packs), and yet other things only add small stuff and thus considered DLC (this could be a couple of new small story adventures zones including 1-2 new companions). It is a good approach which as you go along doesn't cost that much and it keeps the company supporting and adding to the game for years. Yes, CK2 is expensive now if you buy it now with all the DLC, but over the course of years since its launch, personally I would have spent the same amount of money on other games if CK2 hadn't kept my interest. The main thing they should be aware of is, that what makes for good DLC in a grand strategy game isn't necessarily what makes for good DLC in a RPG (same thoughts should go toward Cities: Skylines, which will follow that DLC path). If they are in doubt, just look at EA/Bioware with Dragon Age and go the opposite way.
  11. Nope, while I really like Eder's character, he got dumped the second I got access to the full compliment of companions. No I run with my main Cipher, Paladin, Chanter, Priest, Ranger, and Wizard. Between Pallegani, Kana, my Cipher, and Saganis wolf I have more than enough tanks and offtanks to hold any enemy from attacking the squishy priest and wizard. Any bigger trouble is typically only in long term combats, but then I have Kana's 3 skeletons or now 3 wyrms breathing fire at the enemy to block passage. Lately I have been thinking of giving Durance plate armor, shield and warhammer to try and make him into a Warhammer Fantasy like warpriest, love those guys )
  12. My cipher is Mig 14 Con 10 Dex 14 Per 10 Int 16 Res 14, I use a blunderbuss as a ranged weapon and dualwield longsword and stiletto in melee, wears brigandine armor and after some nice buys from a vendor in Defiance Bay some nice gloves, belts, and necklaces giving a ton of plusses to different attributes. So far at level 6 he does really well in melee, so much so I use him as the offtank for the target to be dps'ed down (while Pallegina tanks everything else with Saganis wolf and maybe Kana if there's a lot of them). My main regret statwise is the 10 in Perception as I am beginning to notice a lot of conversation choices based on Perception being locked off.
  13. I have been testing some, trying to determine how soon I can get the companions. Since their attribute stats matter less to me than their actual skills, I could solve some of the issue I have with them, if I got them soon enough to correct any bad skill picks. Aloth, Eder, Durance, and Kana I can all get at level 2 by rushing past as many enemies and quests solving as possible. Sagani, Pallegina, Hiravias, and Grieving Mother unfortunately require me to get past Caed Nua and fix the road East, and the battles there kind of need a level 3-4 party unfortunately (don't know if a level 3 party could do it to be honest as I haven't tried that). In addition I am somewhat vary of rushing to Pallegina and Grieving Mother and the character triggers a lot of NPC conversations rushing past NPCs in Defiance Bay and Dyrwood Village. I am unsure whether content is lost this way though. A change from the developer making it so any recruited companion start at level 0 letting you do all the leveling would fix the entire problem (of course would fix the attribute issue, but I don't mind that part personally)
  14. hehe, I feel exactly the same way. I cannot bring myself to have negative values in attributes, but I want as many conversation unlocks as possible, so I ended up with a Cipher with 13 Might, 10 Constitution, 10 Dexterity, 14 Perception, 16 Intelligence, and 14 Resolve. So far he actually deals fine damage and can offtank as well as he can function with a ranged weapon.
  15. Playing Cipher myself and are absolutely loving the class; I use him both ranged and in melee as I built him pretty average, so he can offtank just fine and still deal quite some damage. I haven't played druid myself and only used the companion one sparsely as I find it hard to give up my priest, wizard, or chanter to make room for him. My standard party of companions are Paladin, Priest, Chanter, Ranger, Wizard og then myself as a Cipher and that combo does really well at level 5, though I would like to respec some of them. I do however consider trying to switch out my ranger with the druid only problem is that while Sagani the Ranger isn't exactly optimally built for high dps she is still good consistent dps and her pet can offtank where as the druid is a bit more situational because I don't want to waste his spells. A switch would therefore require more changes: making Kana the Chanter into an offtank on the frontline (which he can with the right gear no problem).
  16. I am guessing Perception, Intelligence, and Resolve are the most important attributes with regards to dialogue options with Might being a fourth somewhat less necessary one. Based on that going by what the game has set as recommended stats for classes I would say Paladin being the best as that class hits all 3, with Chanter, Druid, Fighter, and Priest all having 2 of them recommended (with at least 1 in highly recommended). Personally I would say race doesn't matter at all when it comes to attributes' effect on dialgoe because one can adjust them enough to reach to threshold. However there is the question of which race gets most race based options in dialoge. This I don't know. When it comes to class specific dialogue options, I know I have seen 3 or 4 Cipher specific ones in my playthrough (just arrived at Defiance Bay at level 5 having done Caed Nua and Raedrics Hold). How many others have I don't know. I know that I often get access with 14 value in both Resolve and Perception (and 16 Intelligence), but every now and again I see blocked possibilities. However if I were to make a paladin I would probably go with 15 in Perception, Intelligence, and Resolve each, and then 13 in Might, and 10 in Constitution and Dexterity. Yes, this wouldn't open up all dialogue options, but class and race will lock some anyway and personally I dislike negative values in any attribute even if that means not min/max'ing my character. I would probably rebuild my cipher more or less the same way even if that is less than optimal from a combat mechanics point of view, but min/max combat mechanics does not go hand in hand with story dialogue and RP unfortunately.
  17. As far as I understand and experience it, dialogue options are based on your main characters stats, where as companions skills and stat levels are only used in events like the interactive investigations.
  18. My cipher (first character) dualwields a longsword and a lifedraining stiletto for melee while he wears enchanted plate armor. With 10 Constitution of course he shouldn't go toe to toe with an ogre boss, but he can easily offtank a troll while the main dps focuses it down. I normally start with him ranged with a warbow and then switch to melee to pluck any opening in my fighter/paladin + ranger pet tank line, of course casting appropriate spells accordingly.
  19. when it comes to attribute stats I wouldn't worry about race since you can redistribute as much as you want, only thing it will affect is whether the maximum of a given stat is 17, 18, or 19 (20 with background later). So if you do want to mix max I recommend looking at race bonusses other than to stats - in my opinion they compare like this (if you want purely ranged): Best: Wood elf, death godlike (damage bonus against low health enemies) Neutral: Boreal dwarf (situational accuracy bonus), human, pale elf, other godlike, orlan Worst: Aumaua, mountain dwarf I would probably pick wood elf for the accuracy if I were to min/max a ranged cipher. I personally picked human as I like both their bonus and for RP reasons, also it works well with the way I play him where he functions as a ranged first and then later during the fight wades in as an offtank. Statwise I would go Int+Dex maxed out to make sure you hit often, get points fast to cast spells with debuffs lasting a long time. Rest into might for added damage.
  20. This happended to me as well when I first got him, it came to a point where I was really confused about how the Chanter class works. Any way then I went down into the Od Nua endless dungeon under Caed Nua, and the amount of enemies per engagement meant he had the time needed to sing the necessary three chants to get to 3 points, and now I love him (or rather I love his skeletons ). I agree with Baleros about the tank/offtank comment. At first I used him ranged with his standard rifle, which worked fine enough. Now I have him in plate armor, shield and sword. That combined with getting him to a higher level where I can prepare two different sets of chants: 1 defensive giving loads of buffs to defense and 1 offensive giving buffs to offense, means he is fast becoming the most useful companion I have.
  21. From memory I run something like: Might: 14 Constitution: 10 Dexterity: 10 Perception: 14 Intellect: 16 Resolve: 14 For weapon sets I wield a war bow and dualwield sword+ life draining stiletto, and he wears enchanted brigandine armor. Set like this I can either have him perform well as a ranged bowmen/caster or as a melee offtank/dps/caster. This way I can make due with only 1 tank (the fighter or paladin companion) and then me as offtank together with the pet of the ranger companion. Works well so far, the cipher is quite the interesting class I must say. I do play on normal difficulty only, so whether this works on higher difficulties I can't say.
  22. Instead on making another combat mechanics thread, I'll add my question to this. Could someone with better insight than me please explain the wound mechanic on the monk class? I get that you need to take damage, and as far as I understand it (based on what I read about the class in the character creator) goes something like this (numbers as an example): 1) You get hit 2) The hits damages for 10 points of damage 3) The 10 points of damage are reduced by 3 due to armor 4) The remaining 7 points of damage are put into a Wound pool 5) If the Wound pool reaches max you get a Wound counter 6) If the wound pool only needed 5 points of damage to fill, the remaining 2 hit you for 2 endurance damage My question is, am I understanding this right, because it doesn't sound right and to me it seems endurance take all the damage and it's pure chance if I get a wound counter.
  23. Playing on normal I haven't really experienced many problems with the companions builds, though I certainly do see the point people are making about ability scores and skills being kind of poorly distributed. Personally I would like for companions just to start at level 0 once you take them on, so that I could level them to their actual level myself. I know it wouldn't solve the ability score issue, but it would minimize the overall problem I think. Or maybe add a respec option as part of a building in the Stronghold costing 1k gold pr. respec or something. To be honest I have a bigger question than stats, and while this may not be the thread for it, I'll ask anyway for people's experience: In games like Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 it was possible to run with an evil party or at least chaotic party. While alignment isn't really a thing in PoE and the companions so far for me don't seem to react to anything I do or say, is it possible to go 100% good or evil and have some of them leave, attack, or react negatively? If there's no reaction, then it's fine because it only matters on your playstyle (of course it was cool to piss of Jaheira in the olden times and I'll miss that, but it'll work).
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