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  1. It's the act of putting an actual number that is difficult for me. Would keeping CON at 10 be recommended then? And what about DEX vs PER, what's the most important for a Herald?
  2. If you were to make a custom Herald built for this passive tanky healing setup of yours, how would you assign their attributes? Maxed MIG and INT. If supposed tank also highish RES. If own damage potential doesn't matter then you can dump PER and DEX and put everything into MIG, INT, RES rest CON. You can still send in summons to deal damage which will work independently from your stats but profit a lot from healing and/or lashes support. I was thinking of making it a Troubadour / Goldpact with a focus on tanky stats (athletics for Cadhu Scaldth, history for Giftbearer's Cloak) and maxed AR wherever possible. I am unsure if she would have time to smack things with a morningstar to debuff them or if summoning / lay of hands would take all her action economy. Got any thoughts on that? Also, the hardest question to answer is what her CON score should be. It feels like a great early game crutch when the heals are trash, but mid and late game she won't need CON at all. I've for instance seen Herald builds that dump CON to 3 entirely. Is this the case and what would you go for?
  3. If you were to make a custom Herald built for this passive tanky healing setup of yours, how would you assign their attributes?
  4. I keep hearing that paladins are really powerful in combat but I am hesitant about building one due to the roleplay limitations it imposes. Could someone highlight the key abilities / passives that are good and why they are good? Also, how do the mechanics surrounding paladin faith strength work? Is it only triggered by dialogue? Actions? Who you spare / kill?
  5. What about the other damage modifiers in the game: Cipher Whip Sneak attack Paladin / Monk Lash How do these scale with the rest?
  6. What devoted weapon and stat-array did you go for? Pretty new and just looking for general building blocks to start off with.
  7. Soul Blade and Cleave is disgusting not much else to say. Monk Cipher seems good but balanced compared to soul blade and Cleave. Is this a Soul Blade + Devoted build? If so, what are the specifics of it?
  8. Why does perception score so low in relation to might / dex? Doesn't it give +1 accuracy and isn't accuracy great?
  9. I've been reading the forums for a bit and it seemed to me like casters were close to irrelevant for the longest time due to poor balancing of primarily melee weapons and long casting times of spells. That it was simply not worth casting spells on something like a cipher rather than keeping auto-attacks and using soul annihilation (on soul blade). Has this changed at all? Are casters viable now?
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