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  1. Hrmm.. thats a good point... What would you recommend for a stat-build then for a new char? How'd you distribute the points?
  2. .. I guess I should add.. I'm currently leaning towards Beckoner / Fury.... just not sure if the multi trade off is worth it...
  3. I'm looking for a class build and advice that relates to make a 'stay behind and rule the world with summons, etc' build kinda thing. I didn't play the beta, so my knowledge is limited - hence the request for input. I'd prefer surviveability w/longer killing times, over High DPS and fear of dying. I was a huge fan of Necro's in Diablo 2, and would love a sorta similar approach, so .. the questions are: What sort of stats should I take Which race (Guessing Godlike) Should I multi or not? (And with which class/subclass) - Preferably focus on support and making summons stronger and ability to increase my own surviveability IF I Multi. Finally.. if I stick to a single-class Beckoner - is the final spells/powers worth it, or? Thanks.
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