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  1. Happened to me, too, but the missed achievements popped up eventually. So the dates are all time-paradoxy.
  2. The implication is that the school is potentially putting students at health risk, and without their prior knowledge or consent. i.e. a junior who has been attending for several years but would not have attended if they'd heard "this is the school where they have fracking on campus." Like I said, hydraulic fracturing is a new technique that needs to be studied, so there's no way to know if it's harmful at this point, but most people have an instinctive "NIMBY" reaction to industrial processes after the past hundred years of industrial/business malfeasance that forced a conservative republican administration (Richard Nixon's,) to form the Environmental Protection Agency. Private industry has a poor track record on external economic costs (giving the surrounding communities cancer, burying toxic waste under school playgrounds, dumping toxins into local waterways, etc.) if left to their own devices without regulation. There are legitimate concerns here, but it's getting a little overheated. Edit: If you think "burying toxic waste under playgrounds" is some hyperbolic Captain Planet fantasy, think again: http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Love_Canal
  3. But Shaker has John Romero's luxurious locks for us to admire.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRcprUCjwDc The whole damn thing. So primo. 19:17 for the best track. You know there are bone or black dragons on the field here.
  5. So much butthurt in the comments Try doing that on easy mode in Ninja Gaiden and you'll be dead within in 10 seconds. And i don't buy the "you're BATMAN"-argument either, that's just a moot point that sidesteps the issue itself. Are you talking about the youtube comments, or thread replies here? Because nobody here has argued that AA is a "hardcore" game or that it's comparable to Ninja Gaiden.
  6. Correct. I'm glad you were finally able to pick up on that. There is hope yet. I've got a publicity shot of the Romney family around somewhere, depicting them doing the "normal people" act of "having a pizza party," Romney is in a suit, his children cramped next to him on a couch in pajama bottoms (none looking remotely pleased or happy,) several open boxes of pizza, half empty, sit on the coffee table before them. Not a single Romney has a plate, a drink, or a slice of pizza. My wager? The aides just took a bunch of slices of pizza and threw them in the garbage.
  7. I'm a liberal, but also a skeptical rationalist, and the whole issue of "fracking" has yet to produce startling results (that I'm aware of.) The whole "flaming water" fiasco was not scientifically traceable to to hydraulic fracturing. It's just another one of those industrial "not in my back yard" type activities at this point. Something like the tar sands in Canada is a bigger environmental concern until more research on fracking is done. In the end, it's all a distraction from the fact that we need to shift from limited sources of energy (unless Jesus sees fit to put more oil in the ground,) to renewable/sustainable ones. Just a desperate push to avoid the pain of having to come up with a new system of power generation. Because Americans are courteous and polite I'm not going to bring up any environmentally destructive economic activities in Australia. Fun fact: http://cleantechnica...ime-high-again/ Germany wins again!
  8. AGX-17


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6YL8dMSLJA The best and worst of the 90s, condensed into one convenient package.
  9. I think ammo should be limited, but that limit should be balanced by allowing archers to do massively damaging critical hits given the right skills, stats and preparation (enough damage that an archer might be preferable to a raw DPS scenario.) A fighter doesn't usually run out of swords in an RPG, but archers who have a limited supply should be balanced out by giving them potentially massive offensive abilities, since they're going to be little more than a distraction or a corpse once they run out of arrows. Tell that to the Mongols. They conquered their way accross Asia and Europe with the bow, against the best medieval armor available at the time. A properly fired arrow will penetrate deep into the body through a suit of chainmail, a sword thrust might break some rings and leave a flesh wound. An axe is good for crushing a skull, but if that axe misses the uncrushed skull's brain is going to have a nice opening. An archer at range can take another shot. The bow is a force multiplier,put simply, an archer can deliver more force, concentrated in a tiny area, than a man swinging an axe or sword. Not just that, but in reality, archery builds strength and it takes strength. The bow is just one of a long line of tools used to improve man's capabilities. Ancient hunters didn't use swords or axes or clubs, they used spears, and with those spears they used levers to multiply the force of those spears. Simple obsidian blades mounted on shafts killed mighty mammoths thanks to an extra stick with a notch in it - a force multiplier.
  10. Hahaha, do you realize how that sounds? Is there any other excuses you'd like to make for them? On the off chance that you're serious, can you imagine if every other RPG developer and fantasy author took that approach? Hyrule would be "The World", Middle Earth would be "The World", Brittania would be "The World". No thanks. I'd rather fantasy authors and RPG developers be creative. Calling an island "The Island" just doesn't have the same ring to it as "Recluce" or "Moonglow". [EDIT] Baldur's Gate could be renamed to "The City Gate", lololol. For the record, the ancient Britons were well aware that Britain was not "the world," they may have known their ancestors came from mainlaind Europe and they were certainly in contact with the mainland, maintaining trade with the Gauls and their ilk.
  11. I feel more like characters should be able to excel in a couple of stats, (maybe more with some kind of pro-con balanced trait, a charismatic lush drinks a lot and runs from fights and husbands so he's not very tough or strong,) and be limited to an average range for their race for anything they're not specially trained or experienced in. Possibly penalized to some degree for more talent in a given area. I think racial bonuses should be minimized if they're there, (there's not that much difference between the overall capabilities of real human races; white men can indeed jump.) Something like cultural background, how the character was raised (and in what setting,) and personal history should play more of a role in a character's starting stats and abilities than something as archaic as race. We don't need more Elder Scrolls style "we black people sho is strong and loves us some watey-mellon, but ain't to sharp, if'n y'know whats I meens?" It's still amazing to me that they can get away with what is essentially bald-faced racism in those games. I agree that intelligence should be vital. Intelligence doesn't necessarily need to be limited to academic pursuits (because studying and knowledge is more about memory, something different from functional intelligence,) i.e. a highly intelligent fighter could develop novel, unique fighting techniques no others had thought of before, things along that line.
  12. Well, the Romans at that point didn't know much of anything else. Africa's north coast was the only part ever known to them, and the Middle East beyond Judea was hostile land they'd tried and failed to conquer multiple times. Plus they had to deal with multiple Persian empires pushing back to the West over the life of the Roman state. This was meant to be an edit, btw, can posts be deleted by users here?
  13. Of course, this is a time before astrolabes, compasses, astronomical clocks and the like. There are worse maps out there, even newer ones. So long as they got the gist right they were usable, since you could always rely on local knowledge to get from A to B to C and so on.
  14. Factions are the most fundamental thing in any world of social creatures (your family is a faction, your city is a faction, your state or province is a faction, businesses are factions, charities are factions, religions are factions, individual churches are factions, clubs are factions, your nation is a faction, your political parties are factions, etc.) So they should be important to the plot even if you can't join. I don't know enough about any of them to want to join one. The word maiden implies a lack of worldliness or sexual experience. That's because Bethesda post-Morrowind are bad game designers (chalk it up to Todd "I love Xbox" Howard,) who believe in the casual experience of being the best at everything and doing everything with one character, rather than the roleplaying experience.
  15. I don't think some of you understand how Steam games works. To work with steam, a game has to have the Steamworks API integrated into its program. https://partner.stea...cumentation/api The Steam API includes a number of features (access to steam community, updates, achievements, etc.) but it's also a form of DRM. Purchasing a game on steam is licensing that software's use solely for the Steam account that purchased it, unless it's bought as a gift. If the game is to be available DRM free, there will have to be a non-Steam version distributed through some other source. Now, before anyone goes shooting off on Steam DRM, remember that Steam can run in offline mode and any games you own with the account can be played without an internet connection after installation (which does require a connection.) Unless it's a multiplayer online game, of course. The thing with nearly all video games, if you actually take the time to read the license agreement, is you aren't actually buying games, you are licensing them. You are purchasing the license to play the game, you are not purchasing the source code to do with as you please.
  16. By default it does. As soon as you go from "whats possible for PC" to "whats possible for console" you've limited your choices (memory, processing power, UI, controls etc.) Yep, in the early/mid 2000s previously PC-centered publishers (like Bethesda and Interplay) abandoned PC development in favor of consoles. That's how Interplay killed Fallout, and how Bethesda ruined The Elder Scrolls.
  17. Victoria Kruger. Hasn't done much else though other than Trine, Trine 2 and DA2. A shame really. She has a "pleasant" voice and I would probably rather listen to her than Jennifer Hale throughout yet another video game (and I played both Trine and Trine 2 extensively) Jennifer Hale.... hoo boy. She's alright, but as soon as she tries to do a line that's meant to be humorous, witty, sardonic or sly she enunciates in such an obvious, cheesy way, like her audience is 6 year olds and they wouldn't get it if she weren't being as melodramatic as possible. Played Maya, it was comically easy. Maybe I was over-levelled or something. Badass threshers were the worst. This is why I don't look forward to my second play through. I don't like XP grinding, but it seems I'm going to have to if I don't want to get my ass handed to me every battle. I'm playing the original Borderlands. The two games are remarkably similar, except BL2 has a much better story (or rather, more apparent story). Part of Borderlands' charm was the simplicity and lack of story. The lack of a real antagonist was the problem, but it wasn't all this "player! you are the chosen one who must save pandora!" cliche stuff they're pulling in BL2. It was just everyone minding their own business on a chaotic planet. Near the end of BL2 Dr. Zed starts crying about Hyperion "kicking him out of his beloved home of Fyrestone," but he himself moved to every new hub town as you progressed through the first game and Fyrestone was left an abandoned ghost town without Hyperion involvement. They try to put in emotion and develop characters who were originally meant more as caricatures or lunatics and it didn't really work. Seemed disingenuous.
  18. You think that's bad? Here's an ancient Roman map of Europe: http://upload.wikime...1st_century.jpg Hell, I saw an ancient Greek map in a book where everything was cubic. I really wish I remember what book or map it was...
  19. If PE is going to be a historical documentary on PBS, sure. Might as well throw Peter Coyote into the mix, too. Not joking about that. I like Peter Coyote.
  20. Bethesda did that in Fallout 3 with one of their quests. They had a bunch of cannibals holed up in a metro station who were whiny emos (stupid,) whose leader wanted to straighten out his flock and make them good by murdering an entire town JUST to drink their blood, but not eat the rest, because that would be evil. Bethesda's writers are terrible, by the way. Not that it wasn't self-evident.
  21. You know what, this is exactly how I feel about the latest BioWare games. I'm finding that the only thing that has kept me playing is the NPCs. Most of the time, the main story ranges from average to weak. I think that's why I enjoyed ME2 as much as I did. As weak as the main story was, the fact that a good portion of the game dealt with quests associated with your party members was its saving grace for me. True, true. Maybe Bioware should collaborate with Obsidian on a project, and let Obsidian handle the broader storyline while Bioware focuses on companions and, (I can hear Chris Avellone's blood-curdling screams of fury now,) romances. As if EA would let that slide.
  22. Because nothing gets blown out of proportions on the interwebs... ME3 still was a very good game 95% of the time, making me forget the sore taste ME2's complete lack of a story left there. ME3 was a good game, but a poor ending to an otherwise great series. Well, aside from ME2. ME2's gameplay and flow was much better than the first, but it's obvious that after the departure of ME1's lead writer they just pulled a lot of fecal matter out of their asses to fill the gap between 1 and 3. As is now usually the case with Bioware games, the characters are the best aspect of the game, and most make it worth playing. Except for Merill in DA2. I don't know what they were thinking with that mess.
  23. And if you play on hardest difficulty you get those enemies from the very start. Not to mention no counter prompts. Guns will kill you in seconds. Also there is way more stuff in the game including puzzles, boss fights, etc. AC is certainly not a hard game but the fighting is a lot of fun. I still load up the challenge modes just to beat people up from time to time. The challenge isn't to win, it's to win in style. There is no argument that makes this design philosophy worse than any other. So, from those of us who have actually played the Arkham games, the video in question is verifiably a strawman that deliberately avoids many aspects of the gameplay to present it as a "plays itself" casual type game. The combat in it is good enough that the devs of Sleeping Dogs copied it to the letter and received praise for its combat. The most praised aspect of the game, in fact (the writing makes Bethesda's look good.)
  24. And their relationship with the USA. They took power in Afghanistan thanks to US support. American anti-soviet interventionism was disastrous foreign policy and we'll be paying the price for dead men's idiocy for generations to come.
  25. Well, think of the other 6 as distractions. When you've got a bunch of paladins, clerics, wizards and berserkers running around, the waifish guy in light/no armor seems like a low priority. Maybe he's the client who hired this band of badasses and sorcerers to see him through, we can deal with him (and his gold,) once we've dealt with the lumbering deathbeasts trying to cleave our skulls in twain. Indeed, real life "magicians" use prominent distractions to hide the real trick, diverting audience attention with flourishes and scantily clad women.
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