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  1. This is really a great news. I am very happy for this development and can even say this is the best thing in gaming since Kickstarting of a new Torment game. Yay! For me, best three cRPGs are: Torment, Kotor 2 and Bloodlines. And of course, my favorite P&P settings is WOD (especially Werewolf The Apocalypse). That's why I am crazy right now. Please create new VTM Bloodlines game. It may not be called as Bloodlines 2, but it should have similar city atmosphere, gameplay, theatrical NPCs, intelligent dialog options and deep varied stories like the Bloodlines. The game should be made by Jas
  2. First picture reminds me Justin Sweet's artworks from IWD game.
  3. I love achievements, they can be funny in humorous games like Portal 2, and a "targeting point for players" in some multiplayer FPS games. But a story driven game like Project Eternity, must not have an achivement system. I hate achivements in games like Journey or Bastion, so we should stay away in this game too. I don't want to see achievement in Steam version too. I don't want people playing this game just to complete achievement. It is really silly to see "kill 15 orcs, collect 25 golds" and similar things in a game like Project eternity. And neither players should play this game f
  4. All dollars in the stretch goal will not go directly to Chris. He will be there just as a "designer". Everything he designed will need to have backed with programmers, artists and similar workers, and this means extra work and cost. Its not that murky. Chris is in a leading position in Project Eternity, and in a designer position in the new Torment game. Same person can work in different job categories in different games. It is better this way. If inXile and Obsidian were unified under a same name (e.g. Black Isle), they had to focus one game each time. Some people onl
  5. I think I prefer courage wolf take Elminster as an example:
  6. I remember LOTRO had an interesting system. There were three types of creatures (I am not sure if the official names were exactly like this) 1- Passive, the creatures which not attack you if you don't attack them, 2- Aggressive, these creatures will attack you on sight, 3- Territorial, these will not attack you on sight, but if you stay near them too much and provoke them, they will attack. Most of the RPGs/MMORPGs seperate the enemies into two groups, Passive (like birds, deers, sheep) and Agressive (every creature, character, animal in the world) But I liked LOTRO's approach better. Thi
  7. He is talking about the gameplay of the spell, and you are only thinking the mechanics of the spell. Yes, it is a very unbalanced spell. Even without ripping hearts or heads, ripping someone's hand can make him die or suffer terribly. In reality, if you rip someone's hand, it will cause huge pain that can faint the person. Even then, his wrist will start to bleed, and it can kill the person quickly. The spell tries to combine these two issues with "6d6" but of course it is not enough. Even worse, the hand becomes as powerful as a Wight and start attacking the person. And this is a level 4 s
  8. Sacred_Path has an interesting obsession in this topic. He approached this game like a sandbox rpg, directly converted from D&D core rulebooks into computer software. So, in his eyes, everything must be done by the book. If other characters can wear armor, so we should too. If we can wear tattoo, so other people should too. Think about a standart D&D PnP session. You open the players handbook, and follow the formulas strictly to create your character. You push the system just to make your character as strong as possible. During game session, you questionize DM's choices with the writ
  9. I didn't put it as a "counter-argument", but if you want, so be it. I just criticized games' approach on animal behaviors.
  10. Actually you can mix magic with science - Arcanum, Shadowrun, World Of Darkness... However spellcasters are not scientists, so they will not care chemistry and hydrogen fusion reactions. They are much like philosophers - they will ask the questions instead of searching for the reasons.
  11. This is the feeling I get each time I play BG right after Planescape Torment, dull moments. And this is the feeling I get each time I play Planescape Torment, amazement. BG2 is an improvement compared to the first game. At least it has got more interesting atmosphere, and Irenicus cinematics are awesome. I love especially the intro scene ("Aaah, the child of Bhaal has awoken") and the scene when you got outside of the dungeon (when that beautiful music come during the dialogs, it gives a combined feeling of both 1- being free, escaped to the surface at last, smelling the air
  12. earth represents - solid, water - liquid, air - gas, fire - plasma (from wiki: The flame is the visible portion of the fire. If hot enough, the gases may become ionized to produce plasma. ) air represents - spring, fire - summer, earth - autumn, water - winter Some people also assign different things to the elements (directions like north/south/east/west) these elements are not just "magical attributes", more than that. They are view of composition of world's itself, the elements also have spiritual meanings. and they are not just a simple classicifation for "fireball - icebolt - lightni
  13. Actually they have logical thought up to a point, of course not the same as humans. In games, we see every animal as mindless beast which attacks player as soon as sees him. In reality, every animal has different level of intelligence and habit. Some animals tend to stay away from groups, some animals hunt grouped animals with their packs, some animals stay away from bigger animals, some animals don't care the size...
  14. I don't want wizards to turn into fighter/mages, they should stay as pure wizards. Fighter/mages should be a seperate class, like a psychic warrior (fighter/psion - Psylocke? love her) for example. Yes, psychic warrior, great.
  15. It has in game bestiary, but you need to encounter that monster first to get an entry. That's the good part.
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