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  1. I don't want to get involved in the argument, but I just wanted to bring up a couple of points on these specifically: You can not purchase every Proficiency or Talent. By the time you reach max level you'll only be able to buy about 1/2 the talents and 1/3 the proficiencies. You'll have to try out the other combinations on future playthroughs. That also excludes the customization you get based on the loot you pick up, and there are a *lot* of different stats you can find on gear. I feel pretty strongly that our level of customization meets or exceeds other games in the genre. I would say that 15-20 hours is a conservative estimate. We have had developers (who know the game!) take longer than that to complete the game. Again, time estimates are just that, estimates. I wouldn't get too worked up over it. Ok from what I understood there are 9 abilities per character. Are those the talents you are referring to? I think some of the misunderstanding is from the terminology. From my knowledge there are 9 abilities that each class has, each having 2 trees of 5 proficiency points. I gathered that we are able to get all 9 abilities, and spend 30 points (one per each level) on the proficiency points. What my quote should have read is, You can max all your abilities (have all 9). And that all characters will have all of those 9 abilities. "Eventually, you'll have access to 9 abilities - three for each stance, including defense - and each Ability comes with a pair of proficiencies that refine it." Am I wrong to assume we will be able to have all (max) abilities? Think of it this way: An Ability is something your character can "do" and is directly mapped to a button. You get 9 abilities and will unlock all of them over the course of the game, though you will choose the order you buy them in. A Proficiency is a buff to an Ability. Sometimes proficiencies change the fundamental usage of an ability - for instance, Anjali's Aura of Immolation can be a heavy damage AoE or a very low damage, heavy healing AoE buff depending on how you spend proficiency points. Think of these as customizing abilities. Each ability has two different proficiencies. You can put multiple ranks into any proficiency, but you can spend a maximum of 5 points total, split however you want, on a single ability. So you can buy 5 in the first, 0 in the second, half and half, or all in the second - whatever you want - but you can't max out both proficiencies for any one ability. In addition to only being able to spend 5 points on any one ability, you only get 30 Proficiency points total. So - assuming you spend your points maxing out abilities and don't spread them around - you can only max out 6 abilities on any given playthrough. You can also choose to spread your points around, which is certainly a viable strategy depending on the abilities and character build you're making. In addition to all of this, there are also 10 talents for each character, and each one of those has 5 ranks. You only get 30 points to spend, so you have to make choices as to what you want and don't want, based on your play style. Thanks for the info Nathaniel. This sounds awesome! I hate games that allow you to unlock everything in one playthrough and don't really allow you to specialize. (i'm looking at you Fable). This way we can build different characters on multiple playthroughs and they will play verry different from one another. I like it.
  2. I to would like to know this. I know there is multiple difficulty levels but do they require higher level characters? Like d2/sacred where you can play through multiple times and advance your character each time? I hope so as this would add to the replay value of the game.
  3. On a side note the box art looks awesome!! And yeah that preview was bad..."is there such thing as too much loot" ummmm no you moron, no there isn't. Not in a dungeon crawler a/rpg.
  4. This too...would love to hear some details on this. I'm sure we will soon.
  5. Just give us the game already arghhhh. I can't wait to buy and play this.
  6. Awesome!! Small favor to ask. Could you push up the release date about a month..lol. I can't wait to play this game.
  7. Thank You. I'm not sure what people expect out of a action/rpg in terms of AI but I for one don't want to play peek-a-boo with enemies arround a table for 5 minutes to kill them. It's a friggin a/rpg send the creatures at me dozens at a time so i can smash them in the face for hours on end to level up, to smash more creatures in the face to....you get it. Maybe have some mage and range types hanging back casting and buffing or whatever but thats about it. Send them to me so i can send them to their grave and take their loot....and yeah maybe throw some story in for good measure :D.
  8. I agree here 100%. No one wants to be a red shirt/henchman atleast i don't. It would be like playing a merc in D2. Hopefully there will be an entirely seperate multiplayer side or something. If not and we can't play our own character in co-op that would be bad imo. It would knock it down from a definate buy to a rental and maybe a buy.
  9. Anyone know if there's gonna be blood in it? Looks good but a bit strange not seeing any blood from the enemies.
  10. Looks Great!! Man i can't wait to do some good old fashion dungeon crawling. Playing Two Worlds Two mow and it just isn't doing it for me. It's ok but not great and building characters isn't that fun...can't wait for this.
  11. I sure hope so...man i love the BGDA series. Also liked the Champions games. Plus drop in drop out co-op with friends. Tons of loot to grind and find and trade, bring it on. I liked the party based gameplay of DS1 and 2 but i for one always liked the solo dungeon crawl that Diablo and BGDA series had better.And with a strong co-op and multiplayer it should be awesome!
  12. Same here. I check the boards everyday but nothing to post about atm. Probably lots more like us just waiting for more news to drop. I did ask in another thrread if there was couch co-op for the consoles but no answer. Anyone know?
  13. Any one know if there is gonna be local co-op for consoles? I thought i read somewhere it would be local samescreen co-op but i can't find it and it may have been another game all together Anyone know for sure? Thanks.
  14. You had me at Ninja Gaiden 2 :D Loved that game. Also i think a sorta (assist system) is fine for consoles. We don't have the pinpoint precision as a mouse pointer in our favor.
  15. Hi all...Obsidian. Can't wait to play your game. Been waiting for a quality action rpg to co-op with friends online (360) and this looks like it's gonna be just what this generations consoles need. Such an untapped genre on consoles. Take your time a make it great.....action/items...action/items...action/items.
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